Millionaire Philanthropist in a Home For the Destitute

Terry Semel Must Have Really Pissed Off His Wife

Philanthropist Terry Semel gave millions of dollars to Alzheimer’s research because his mother suffered from this form of dementia. Semel’s mother was institutionalized from age 62 to 94 with Alzheimer’s disease. In other words Terry Semel knew that he was going to get Alzheimer’s so he prepared for it. Semel famously remodeled, invested and made love to his magnificent home in Bel Air where he intended to live out his final days. Instead philanthropist Terry Semel is 75 years old and vegetating in the Motion Picture & Television Retirement Home in Calabasas, California because his wife Jane wants him there. Jane Semel doesn’t want her husband living at home now that he is an old man with Alzheimer’s.

Jane Semel doesn’t want Terry living at home now that he is an old man with Alzheimer’s.

Philanthropist Karma

Some business writers say that the best deal philanthropist Terry Semel ever made at Yahoo was for himself. When Semel was the head of Yahoo he notoriously passed up the chance to buy Google and Facebook. When Semel left Yahoo after making himself rich at age 64 he was already suffering from dementia. Semel should have been working on his living trust or advanced health care directive instead of making another $100 million or so.

Paying it Forward

It is important to give. Giving and tithing are bio-mechanical connections to God. By helping other people we tell the universe what kind of life we want to live and the universe will help us. If we don’t have a million dollars to give to charity we give in some other way. A yogi gets up in the morning and vibrates the universe. Writing these blogs is a form of philanthropy. The moral of this blog is that you must leave detailed instructions on your health care in an advance health care directive or living trust document.

Aging, Disease, Death

It is important to get out and live your life well when you are young so that you can enjoy staying home when you are old. The most important thing an older person ever told me is that life goes by really fast. Life goes by so fast it is a sad and beautiful thing.