My Lunch With Betsy

Pig Sex Leads to Fatherless Children

Is your pig sex creating fatherless children for the world to take care of? This afternoon I had lunch with my new acquaintance Betsy and we discussed the problem of fatherless children and what becomes of them. If you are a woman or a man who thinks that it is okay to have recreational sex without protection you may want to think about how the unborn children of fatherless pregnancies ends up.

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Did you pray and meditate about your fatherless pregnancy? Have you ever met any fatherless children or had them impact your life. I have. I am in the middle of a probate court battle with my siblings and their illegitimate children. I am having two of my siblings declared predeceased to my parents. These two bastards are a blight upon my family and society. If you are having pig sex and porking out bastards then it is time for someone like me to go out on a limb and say: “Children need strong fathers.” There I said it. I can’t wait for the hate mail to come in.

Pig Sex

Recreational sex with alternative women is an opportunity to grow up and act like a man. Real men take responsibility for all of their actions. As an alternative man who is into sex with both men and women I have an enormous responsibility for the sexual healing of this planet. I need your help. I need all men and women who are having recreational sex to please use birth control. Betsy and I want your unborn children to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

pig sex

Male Character Development

The purpose of this article is for men to take charge of the sexual enlightenment of this planet. If you are an oinker into bovine barnyard rutting then just use your brain about it. Be shrewd about the life force you are ejaculating in your scared orgasm.