Feminine Sexualization of Violence

Placebo Religion 

When Guru Singh told me that the Kundalini Kirpan Kaur women were coming after me with their daggers held high, I was forced to become an Internet sleuth on the use of the kirpan as penile placebo.  When Guru Singh made his smug threat we were only talking about one little grainy black and white snap shot on a Yoga West flyer.  I have already plastered that old photo all over this website. 

Now that a year has passed since that challenge was first made at Yoga West, I have become an Internet sleuth specializing in the use of the kirpan as a penis placebo.  In the past year I have l have learned quite a lot about Bhajanism and the Sikh religion.  I have learned a lot about the weaponization of kundalini yoga from Guru Singh and the Bhanajists of Beverly Hills, California. 

penis placebo posers

Where do bloggers get ideas for blogs?  A cup of coffee, a photograph of a Sikh woman obtaining penile placebo pleasure from her kirpan, and my blogging day has begun. 

religion kills

Guru Singh Photo

I would like to see a photograph of Guru Singh holding a gun to his head.  It is 6:30 a.m. and I am getting ready to go out for my morning walk.  I just need to write another one-hundred words to optimize this blog before I go out.  I will come back later to edit my writing.  My blogs are usually published in draft form these days.  I spend all day editing and re-writing.  I learned about the importance of editing from Woody Allen when he came to my screenwriting class in college.  Mr. Allen described how he didn’t waste too much time on the first draft because it was better for him to just get something laid out.  Woody said that he constantly reworked his drafts before they were even shown to anyone else.  This had a profound impact on my nineteen year-old writing. 

religion kills sikh women