Get The Hell Off Of My Lawn!

Virtual Vigilance, Civil Enforcement, and Park Del Rey Lagoon

The grass in the park at the Playa Del Rey Lagoon was getting worn out from unauthorized soccer games and so these three ton boulders were put in place in order to prevent further damage to public property.  The citizens of this city are taking back control of their lives. If you get out of line we will come and expose your wrongdoings so you better start obeying the rules. No more inappropriately taking over city parks with soccer games. If you want to play soccer go to the new soccer fields down the street on Jefferson. Do not squat in the park with bootleg soccer playing. Do people play bootleg baseball or football in the parks? No, they play ball in designated baseball fields.

Park del Rey lagoon

You destroyed Park Del Rey Lagoon by illegally using it as your unauthorized soccer field and so we decided to rock your chicken-shit little world with these black granite boulders. You will not be allowed to continually degrade the community by using public resources as your private convenience. From now on, anytime you lie, break the law or bend the rules, you will be exposed. There are now seven boulders weighing three tons each in-between the baseball field and the kiddie park. These have been placed there to discourage soccer playing. There is no soccer field in Del Rey Lagoon Park so please go to Playa Vista to play soccer.

domain. enforcement soccer rock

Lagoon Squad: There Is No Water Shortage Anymore

There is no water shortage anymore so please start shaving again. Are you growing a big bushy beard in order to conserve water by not shaving? Good news! The drought is officially over so you can run that water until it is good and hot and then shave for as long as you like, or as long as it takes. Please don’t get in the way of my water usage or I will drop a rock on your little soccer field.

Locker room

Locker Clockers

We are an aggressive species living on a competitive planet. The locker room is a good place to observe local nuances in human agression.


When relationships end it is helpful if there is a formal closure between the parties. If for some reason or other there can be no formal closure, it is still important to somehow integrate the end of an important relationship. In my case I have once again intentionally taken a break from intimate relationships themselves. I integrate this now empty space into my life by devoting myself to God. I am now taking Kundalini five times a week and next week I will take seven classes! It has taken my sixty year old body two months to get strong enough to accomplish this.