Politics Means Influence

Does what you say as a private citizen have any influence upon the world? A synonym or one word definition of the word politics would be influence. Politics means influence. Politics is the art of influencing people and institutions to act in your interest How many people do you influence and/or how many people does it take to influence your political or religious thought and opinions? Do you get your news and information from a reliable expert source?

private opinion

Sometimes I wonder who is really dishing out what I am seeing and reading in the newspaper, books, TV, Internet, etc. Most of the media is designed to keep you in a mindless state of consuming. I know from experience because it happened to me and then I woke up. A good way to shake up your political thinking would be to read the Wikipedia page of the eminent Professor Noam Chomsky. But never take my word for any of this, go out and research it for yourself.

Private Citizen Influence

It is time for every private citizen to educate themselves on politics & government, climate change & the environment and other important world topics. It is also time for this blogger to increase productivity and relevance in an already blog and media saturated world. Part of the rush is the mere labor of love in creating this website. Your life becomes more real and meaningful when you see it in a blog. Plus you can easily step in and edit your blog, thereby editing your life. It is now becoming as easy to edit my life and speech as easy as it is to edit my words in this blog.

politics means influence

Citizen Capote Had Influence

If author Truman Capote were alive today he would probably be creating something totally new with blogging with the same impact that he had on the true crime genre with In Cold Blood. That is what I am attempting to do with this blog. I want to influence and have an impact. This is an important time to influence the citizenry as we close out 2019 and enter one of the most important elections in the history of our country, our great country.