The Only Thing Fascism Needs to Survive is a Scapegoat

The Politics of Power

Trash-talking President Trump got elected by scapegoating immigrants the same way Hitler came to power by blaming the Jews. Political power is the enterprise involved in the management of a state or other entity, and most importantly, the debate or clash among individuals or groups hoping to achieve power. From your local neighborhood to the District of Colombia and into the bedroom there are many different types of power politics. In my never-ending quest for new blogging topics I am re-examining political theory by re-educating myself on the Internet.

From Wikipedia: In social science and politics, power is the capacity of an individual to influence the conduct (behavior) of others.

My Need For New Content That Influences

These days I am expanding more and more into political blogging because politics excites me again. To further that end I have added this new “politics” category to this blog. I can no longer speak well in public and I can see now that I never really did. Thanks to my new neurological muscular disorder of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Myasthenia gravis or whatever it is, I am decreasing my public speaking and increasing my blogging output.


Political blogging brings it’s own brand of emotional energy into the mix. Political discourse these days are infused with anger and anger can be power if you know how to use it. In South America political discourse is conducted by beating on pots and pans with spoons.

south americal street politics

The Trump Presidency Has Been Like a Civics Lesson

The Trump Presidency is like a college-level course in government and politics. I haven’t been this excited about seeing a President go down in flames since Richard Nixon. It is very important to both world politics and the politics of my retirement community that Donald Trump goes down fast, loud and hard. It is important that Trump’s shit-talking Presidency end as soon as possible.

That is all Trump has ever been, a name-calling, shit-talking blow-hard. I remember when Trump’s presidential campaign first really took off it was after he told a Muslim woman to remove her head wear. His populist support really seemed to ramp-up after his anti-Muslim remarks. The only thing fascism needs to survive is someone to blame.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.