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How The LAPD Falsifies Crime Data

The Pool Cleaner, The Pedophile & The Police Chief

There is a brand new Los Angeles Police Department scandal about fake crime. The elite Metro Division of the LAPD has just been disciplined for falsifying the crime data they enter on gang members. This blog is my own personal story about fake crime and karmic retribution. Three of the main characters in my epic tale of trial by fire and rebirth are: The North San Diego Pool cleaner, The gay Pedophile little league baseball uniform salesman and the Policeman running an undercover sting operation.

The impetus of our story and the original creator of fake crime reports is a neighborhood troublemaker and pond scum cleaner currently living in North San Diego County named Art DiMino aka The Pool Nanny. Mr. DiMino built his reputation based upon making misrepresentations to his customers that he had to move out of Tujunga, California because his neighbors were engaged in illegal activities. This is a total lie constructed from whole cloth by Art and his androgynous ex-wife Eydie Pogue. Here is a fake review that an Orange County pool contractor spammed for The Pool Nanny.

pool cleaner pedophile policeman art dimino
The DiMino Crime Family

The LAPD investigated DiMino’s allegations and interviewed the children, Craig and Jenna Green. The cops told the DiMino’s that there was no crime but Art kept telling people that I moved out of Tujunga because of all of this. Art is a liar, I left Tujunga for the miracle of recovery from alcoholism in Malibu. I raised myself up out of the gutter of Tujunga and never looked back.

However now that I am still dealing with Art DiMino’s mess, looking back I should have sued the DiMino Crime Family when this was all resolved by the cops standing in the street at 10247 McClemont Avenue in front of my house. Since I never sued Art DiMino I will crank out these blogs instead. As long as the world hears my side of the story I am happy.

former lapd chief david doan
Former LAPD Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan with Wendy Gruel and DA Nutch the Butch

The Policeman

The Los Angeles Police Department uses false information provided by lying neighbors like Art and Edie DiMino to label people as gang members or other categories of criminals. Even though I have no criminal record (it has all been legally expunged) I have never had anything to do with crimes against minor children. When I was getting my divorce back then I was sick and tired of adults and so I briefly hung out with the two kids during Easter Sunday 2003. I took them to Von’s with me on an errand and we stopped in at my parents house. The kids never even came inside my house, they were in my backyard playing with my dog and the DiMinos heard their laughter over the back fence we shared.

I realize that it sounds like self-aggrandizement but I really think my old High School buddy Art DiMino was jealous and resentful because I was doing things like educating myself to raise myself up out of the backwater of Tujunga. Art even got his own divorce over all of this and he quit his career as an underemployed construction worker to become a pool cleaner a few miles from the Mexican border in San Diego.

My problem is that Mr. DiMino’s lies stay on file with the LAPD and haunt me to this very day. The cops know that I am not a child sex trafficker or I would be in prison or have my name in the Megan’s Law directory. The cops need lies from people like Art DiMino to create fake crime data. That way the LAPD can justify their existence. That opens the door for Chief Doan of the scandalous LAPD to try and entrap me into any number of inappropriate activities. The cosmic joke is that while DiMino and Doan were terrorizing me I discovered that a high profile member of the gay community named John Herriot is a registered child sex offender giving free away free samples of children’s baseball uniforms.

lapd chief michel moore
You cannot break the law to enforce the law

While Art DiMino, Chief Doan, Brett Zebrowski, Carine Kowatch, Paul Merritt Christiansen, Brian Lysaght and a host of others were making my life a living hell with their illegal investigation of me I was forced to become my own private investigator.

The Fake Gay Architect and Real Homosexual Pedophile

First my investigation and discovery uncovered a gay Palm Springs Councilperson who was a fake architect named J.R. Roberts. Then I managed to discover a real homosexual pedophile named John Herriot and his fake little league baseball uniform business. Herriot’s registered sex offender address is in West Hollywood however he also runs gay nudist events in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Shouldn’t Chief Doan be investigating this lack of vacation address compliance on the Megan’s Law directory by Mr. Herriot?

former lapd chief robbery homicide david doan
Mr. Big

One of my biggest discoveries was the fact that former LAPD Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan was the head honcho behind the massive undercover entrapment operation focused on me. This success of mine has already been detailed elsewhere on this website. So when I was going crazy with paranoia in order to make lemon juice from lemonade I started writing these blogs to tell my side of the story. In other words this blog functions as therapy for me as I use it as a journal to tell you my healing story of The Pool Cleaner, The Pedophile and the Policemen Who Create Fake Crime Data to Analyze.

The Pool Cleaner, Pedophile & Policeman Are Excellent Teachers Who Have Taught Me A Lot and I Love Them For It

While writing this modern allegorical tale I have learned quite a lot about blogging, search engine optimization and other effective communication skills. For example thanks to Brett Zebrowski I learned a new word for laughing at people called schadenfreude.

Thanks to the Pool Cleaner, the Pedophile and the Policeman, I have even learned basic graphics skills like cropping digital images to create these cut-out images to copy and paste my cast of characters in this epic tale of my journey of redemption.

pool cleaner pedophile policeman
I learned how to make these cut-outs while blogging about pool cleaners, pederasts, and Police Chief Doan
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