Girls Just Want to Have Guns

Fantasy Religion

Bhajanism is a fantasy religion constructed in-part with the intent of deceiving female members by promising them a Utopian matriarchal society in 2012.  We are now fast approaching the year 2019 and the Aquarian matriarchal utopia promised by Yogi Bhajan has yet to materialize in any legitimate form.  There is a lot of ridiculous white male bashing from Guru Singh at Yoga West but no real meaningful evidence of the so-called Age of Aquarius.  This Bhajanist claim for a new female dominated socio-economic system may be unconstitutional pursuant to the United States Constitution. 

Fresno Clovis Sikh Religion

There are perhaps a few legitimate Gori Sikhs in Clovis, California who may be unnecessarily suffering from the negative influence of the Gori Sikhs in Los Angeles, California.  The Sikh religion could benefit from a world wide Sikh clearing house to solve the problem of Sikh internal conflict.  

Fantasy Religion Appeals to a Young Audience

Fantasy religion guru worship begins with programming at an early age.  Any intelligent kundalini yoga practitioner soon realizes that Yogi Bhajan is a total fraud.  The real crime is subjecting your children to this fake religion.  Kundalini yoga rips off the good will of the American public.  It should may be negligence to raise your child as a kundalini guru.  

Kundalini White Tantric Yoga Mill

What an amazing profit center this White Tantric Yoga fraud must be.  The Mahan Tantric aka Yogi Bhajan via video, really packs them in for White Tantra.  This is totally made up by Dalit Sikh untouchable caste con man Yogi Bhajan. 

fantasy religion

Youth Culture

Which One Is Guru Singh?

The 3HO historical archive offers very little about Guru Singh.  There are many photographs of an older Guru Singh but only a few of the young Guru Singh.  There are hundreds of photographs of older Yogi Bhajan but only a few of young Yogi Bhajan and there are none of him as a young yoga student.  

yogi berra

  Yogi Berra | World Series Game 3 | October 4, 1958
Yogi Berra practicing yoga at Yankee Stadium in New York