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Sex Trafficking, Power and Humiliation

Control freaks use power and humiliation to facilitate sex trafficking

Criminals obtain pleasure and self-gratification from sexual control of women, children and prostitutes. Rape is more about power and control than sex. Pedophila is more about power and manipulation by a dominant adult personality over a submissive child. Pedophiles obtain emotional and sexual gratification from the process of turning children into sex objects.  

Control Through Drugs

Traffickers sometimes prey upon women and children with pre-existing drug addictions which make them emotionally and physically susceptible to predators. However, trafficking recruiters generally prefer healthier more attractive victims for marketing reasons. Pimps often introduce drugs, violence and humiliation at later end-user sales stages in the trafficking process.

Violence is at the root of traffickers power and control over their victims. Both emotional and physical, violence is used as an instruction technique. In the transit and indoctrination stages intimidation and violence are used to convince the child that his very survival depends upon submission to the trafficker’s demands.  Sexual violence serves as punishment and reminds the victim that they live in captivity.

emotional controlEmotional Control

Emotional violence is used to keep victims on edge so that they are more easily controlled. One common emotional control technique used by pedophiles is to make false third-party representations. For example the child predator may tell the child that “other people do not like you,” or “your parent’s do not love you, but I do.”  Sexual predators prey upon emotional weaknesses and the desire to belong and feel loved.  Child sex traffickers often know the victim’s family and some children are even sold into sexual slavery by their own parents.

Abuse of Authority

Due to its ubiquity, commercial sexual exploitation should be recognized as a hallmark of trafficking.  Anyone prostituted as a child is by definition a trafficking victim under the federal anti-trafficking law.  School teachers and child care workers often engage in child sex trafficking.  Gay Catholic school teachers convicted of child trafficking have been registered as sex offenders and continue to clandestinely work around summer camps.  Education and deterrence is required by law and community mandate to publish this information. 

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.