Liberation Yoga


From now on my personal yoga practice will be nude with my own private God.  Studying Vedic religion was fun but now all adornments must be stripped away.  My investment in high quality yoga classes has been worthwhile but that must be transcended now.  Real yoga means transcending mundane reality and uniting with the universe in one breath, one movement.  The golden silence of blissful solitude.

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This blog began as a promotional tool for a now defunct legal document service and evolved into a meditation blog.  It evolved into a expose of child sex trafficking by a gay baseball uniform salesman. Most recently it has become highly critical of the bad information disseminated by Guru Singh at Yoga West. This particular blog will be presented in a journal or diary type format in honor of the late Jim Carroll. I just felt like writing about the night I tried to walk on water. 

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I was born premature and it has colored my existence.  One night in Big Tujunga Canyon I thought I was stepping off a boulder into a few inches of water and instead I accidentally stepped off into a pool of water over my head.  Plunging to the bottom wearing a full backpack with my sleeping bag and carrying a case of 24 16 oz. cans of Schlitz Malt Liquor, I was faced with immediate decisions.  If I drop the case of beer it may never be retrieved and I can hear my lower companions shouting above me.  When my feet hit the bottom I scrunch down and use my legs as springs to catapult back up to the surface.  James and Peter grabbed me, my backpack, and the sacred case of malt liquor and hauled me up onto dry land.  “You are so impatient”, James said as we continued our trek up to Switzer Falls

practice naked desert yoga


Practice liberation by practicing nude yoga at home and at in the desert.  My investment in expensive yoga classes has paid off and now I have my sadhana.  My personal spiritual practice of one breath, one movement.  My whole live I was destined to become a yogi and now it has manifested. 

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Now I am connected to everything and dependent upon nothing.  I am connected to everyone and dependent upon no one.  It all began with my liberation from women.  By liberating myself from my need for woman I was able to find out who I really am. 

gay tantra la

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.