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What is the Difference Between Brotherly Love and Christian Love?

Why do we call our home Earth when it should be named Planet Love? Brotherly love means community friendship and Christ consciousness means transformational healing love.

Brotherly Love

Philia, often translated “brotherly love“, is one of the four ancient Greek words for lovephiliastorgeagape and eros. In Aristotle‘s Nicomachean Ethics, philia is usually translated as “friendship” or affection.[1] The complete opposite is called a phobia.

By Aristotle’s definition examples of philia included young lovers, lifelong friends, political or business contacts, members of the same religious society or tribe, and a cobbler and the person who buys from him.

In other words it appears that Aristotle had love for everyone. Loving everyone is difficult to do. The simple practice of brotherly love means that I love my Freemason Bro. Dean Arnell.

Christ Consciousness Represents Healing Love

It is important for me not to be mean to mean people. I was going crazy with the zeitgeist of 2020. The temper of the times was like a demon in my head and so God healed me with brotherly love and cast out the demon of personal conflict. Now I even love Donald Trump and Little Rocket Man too. I love everyone! Most importantly I am loving myself a little more and loving God a lot more. I love God most of all.

A few years ago I even changed my stance on the death penalty and I am no longer in favor of capital punishment. Capital punishment seems barbaric to me now.

The Christ Teaching is to Love Everyone Because That is What God Does

It is often difficult to love my neighbor exactly as I love myself. It took a long time to learn the powerful meaning and effect of turning my other cheek to my enemies. It is easy to love my nice neighbors and it is easy to love my enemy after I have vanquished him in a court of law.

However when I do finally follow the precept to love all of my neighbors as I love myself then the miracle can begin. The reason it is important for me to forgive everyone is so that will God will forgive me for my own heinous transgressions. Humility has been the most difficult virtue for me to practice. I also love Dean Arnell because he is my neighbor who tries to be my enemy.

Love and Friendship

When I soften my heart with sisterly love and friendship in the face of conflict I become the person that God wants me to be. I am grateful the the City of Brotherly Love for helping me learn how to love. Why do we call our home Earth when it should be named Planet Love?

city of brotherly love
The Brotherly Love City Hall of Philadelphia, PA
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