Primetime AA Astrid H 

Primetime Astrid H cured me of my addiction to Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.  In 2015 she shouted out my last name when calling on my raised hand to read Chapter Five of Alcoholics Anonymous at the defunct-Tuesday night Primetime AA meeting at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California.  Not that my anonymity was blown by any stretch of the imagination, she just blew the whole room away with her neurotic offensiveness.  The second time she did it, several women in the room audibly gasped at the audacity of Astrid sarcastically grinding out my last name in her gravelly voice.  Thanks to Primetime AA Astrid engaging in similar conduct seven years earlier, I had the time to branch out my recovery to discover The Infinite Way of Joel S. Goldsmith at Agape. 

Thanks to Astrid kicking me out of Primetime AA later that same year of 2015, I found a new life with God. The reason to come to a meeting of AA is to find God.  Pure and simple.  I love Astrid because she shot me right to God.  Certain other individuals such as Randy M. may try to say that they were the first person ever kicked out of Primetime AA by Astrid however I would like to dispute that.  The purpose of this blog is to lay official claim and bragging rights to being the first person ever kicked out of Primetime AA by Astrid.

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Primetime AA Astrid shouted out my last time in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

Have you ever had someone repeatedly and loudly use your last name during a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous?  It is no wonder I have had two major heart surgeries related to cardiac arrest.  Hearing your last name shouted out when you raise your hand to read Chapter Five from the book Alcoholics Anonymous is a shocking and yet at the same time enlightening experience.  When I had ten years I stopped talking in AA.  I would usually only read Chapter Five or the prayer at the end of the meeting.   When I had fourteen years I stopped talking or reading in AA meetings, I just sat there and listened.  Then when I retired and went on a fixed income I didn’t feel like putting a dollar or two in the basket.  The night Primetime AA Astrid used my last name in the Agape meeting I was still working as a paralegal and so I put a five dollar bill in the basket because it was at Agape.   I felt bad about spending so much money afterwards. 

astrid howe made me gay revenge


Going to gay bathhouses cured me of homosexualism and going to AA meetings cured me of alcoholism.  The only way out of something is to go totally through it.  Going to AA meetings cured me of alcoholism by introducing me to the Twelve Steps.  Primetime AA meetings were absolutely essential during my first two and a half years of sobriety.  Primetime AA opened my mind to actually practicing the spiritual principles in the Twelve Steps instead of just reading them. Prior to Primetime AA I thought that I you got sober just by going to meetings and reading a little bit.  Because I failed to truly find God in my recovery I didn’t get sober until I was forty-seven years old and found Primetime AA. 

 Primetime AA Astrid H| The Ghost of Bob Anderson 

Standing on the corner of Oxnard and Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood in 2005, Primetime Astrid appointed herself my AA sponsor.   I had just taken a one-year cake at the Spirit of Studio 12 across the street from where we were standing.  I can still remember it like it was right now.  Astrid was wearing horrid acid wash jeans and a thrift store military jacket with the stripes on one shoulder coming un-stitched.  Primetime AA Astrid had six months less sober time than me but there she was appointing herself my lord and master.  She jump started me in Bob Anderson Primetime jargon but tortured me emotionally for it.  We never ever touched each other physically but people said we acted like an old married couple.  Women rape emotionally whereas men rape sexually. 

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