Authentic Primetime AA Treatment No Longer Exists

Authentic Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous no longer exists. At one time Primetime AA treatment was a practical spiritual application using the diseased mind model of treatment for alcoholism and emotional disorders. Now regular AA is just as good or better than Primetime.

Are you part of the cure or are you the disease?  Primetime AA speakers become focused on their so-called “alcoholic thinking” in much the same way that other AA speakers focus on their drunk-a-log or drinking history.  Real Primetime AA treatment is a pure application of the AA spiritual program characterized by workshops discussing Bob Anderson’s 12 Step derived theory of Alcoholism, Ego and Self. Astrid H. means well however she is often climatic of the disease itself the way she promotes herself as an AA spokeswoman. 

primetime aa treatment

When I had one year of sobriety in regular AA people in Malibu AA were telling me about Primetime AA spiritual treatment in North Hollywood. I had just worked hard to get out of Tujunga and make it to Malibu recovery and so the thought of driving back in to the Valley did not appeal to me but I did it. I started going to the now defunct Life Preserver meeting with Primetime speaker K. C. Pierson.

One night I was standing on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Oxnard when Astrid H. walked up and appointed herself my sponsor.  She had six months of sobriety and I had one year.  At that time I had nothing else better going on and so I let her be my sponsor. We spent a lot of time going to AA meetings together and she jump started me in Primetime AA psycho-babble.  It was a priceless therapeutic experience at self-diagnosing my brokenness. When I had four years of quality recovery I had to let Astrid go as my sponsor and she kicked me out of AA.  That left me with a lot of time on my hands and so in a continuation of my upward trajectory I continued my spiritual seeking. I found the time to get involved with Agape and I discovered Joel S. Goldsmith.  Even though Astrid H. kicked me out of AA I am still sober to this day and I even became a Freemason because of it.  

Fortunately it is impossible for any one single person to destroy AA.  However if it were possible for any one person to totally ruin Alcoholics Anonymous it would be Astrid H.  

Authentic Primetime AA places extreme emphasis on Steps 1, 2 and 3 and is a bona fide sub-cult of Alcoholics Anonymous. PT was created in go-getter 1980’s Los Angeles when recessions only lasted six months and money grew on trees. Primetime can be a little crypto fascist and does not qualify as a real AA meeting per se, mainly because of the lack of observance of the 12 Traditions. 

These “shake-and-bake-recovery-guru” meetings are pure LA and are only for recovering alcoholics who are fervent about the constant practice of the 12 Steps. Primetime is based upon the first 121 pages of the book, TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS by Bill Wilson, the New York stock promoter and entrepreneur who co-founded AA after having a white light spiritual experience in an alcohol sanitarium. For years, Bill had been seeking outside help for his alcoholism until he finally found the answers within his own consciousness. 

Wilson virtually created the self-help publishing industry with his ground breaking book Alcoholic Anonymous, detailing his self-governing, non-professional, 12 Step spiritual program of recovery. Bill had a law degree and knew how to research, process, present, and close the deal. There are really cool photos of Bill Wilson, hunter and gatherer of business information, cruising the highways of America on an Indian motorcycle with his wife Lois in a sidecar. Bill knew how to analyze private companies and public corporations and process financial information. Bill was a content creator

Wilson synthesized the 12 Steps from spiritual principles and medical information he researched while seeking a cure for his own alcoholism. While reaching out to another alcoholic as a way to help himself, a sober Bill met Dr. Bob, still wet with alcoholism, a proctologist in Akron, Ohio. The two men forged a bond and created the Alcoholics Anonymous social model of recovery in December 1933. 

Bob Anderson was a salt of the earth auto mechanic from the midwest who wanted to develop a deeper understanding and practical application of spiritual principles in the 12 Steps. In AA they say all you need to start your own meeting is a coffee pot and a resentment. Bob was good with both and he was such a compelling AA synthesizer and speaker he almost made a goddamned religion out of Primetime AA. Bob Anderson is responsible in large part for my miraculous recovery from the seemingly hopeless disease of body and mind known as alcoholism. If I become aware of how my diseased, alcoholic thinking operates, I can empower myself to change. 

Bob married his sponsee Sylvie Gabriele and she published a transcription of Bob’s audio recordings as the book: A Mind Powered Disease. After Bob passed of cancer in 1997, Sylvie married Bob’s Primetime second in command Ali, and together they kept a Primetime meeting presence until a few years ago.

Now there are Primetime AA treatment meetings every day of the week in LA. Primetime AA treatment was the application of the 12 Steps that finally enabled me become honest enough to fully recover from my grave emotional and mental disorders such as alcoholism and deviant sexual promiscuity.

There are excellent AA groups and workshops in LA that are heavily influenced by Primetime and add meditation to the meeting format. Some of these groups are not officially sanctioned Alcoholic Anonymous meetings due to the non-AA meeting format.

The New and Improved Primetime Brand INSTANT MESSIAHJust Add Ego!

If you are serious about recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction these meetings are absolutely necessary for you to attend. The Primetime AA treatment message is the type of intense program that you will either love or hate. I loved it and swore by it for two and a half years three times a week. You really owe it to yourself to check out a few Primetime AA treatment meetings and the various Beyond Primetime related meetings. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.