The Emotional Disease of Alcoholism

Primetime Alcoholics Annonymous

In January I celebrated fifteen years of sobriety in Primetime AA. More than mere abstinence I have worked on the underlying emotional twists below the level of consciousness that caused me to anesthetize with alcohol. In my opinion David R. Doan and the Midnight Mission should give me a medal.


Sometimes it is difficult to think up ideas to blog about. I just paid over three hundred dollars to improve the security on this website. I need to justify that cost. Maybe I will turn this into a pornography website. For now I will post these photographs of college girls celebrating Spring Break on South Padre Island, Texas.


A good way test out new ideas is to run it up a flag pole and see who salutes. If enough people pay money then you have a good idea worth developing. I’m hoping David Doan will think that it is a really good idea to help me instead of hindering me. The amount of energy Mr. Doan is putting into hindering me is awe inspiring. Mr. Doan is putting massive amounts of resources into my case file. I should be writing at least one blog per day about David Doan as a result.

Short, Fat, Ugly

I’m sick of the gay scene and now I want a short, fat, ugly girlfriend for companionship. She can be poor in finances as long as she is rich in humor. She doesn’t even have to sex me. I will hang out with her in the daytime and then be with Johnny Q. Jackhammer at night.


Now that I am old it is really rewarding to take a rest from society. When you are a meditating mystic, other people become hell. The important thing is to get society out of your system by drinking it all up. When I was young I had to have relationships with women. When I was middle aged I had to go find out about sex with men. Now I am in my Golden Years and nothing can touch me.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.