Herriot’s defective pleadings fail to include any mention of “LegalNoodle”

It is malpractice, mistake, inadvertence or neglect to not name “” as a defendant

Herriot’s defectively drafted complaint and unenforceable judgment do not seek any legal action against in any of the plaintiff’s pleadings. Herriot’s language attempts to restrain Internet and all electronic publishing but the pleadings incompetently fail to mention “LegalNoodle” specifically by name. The unenforceable judgment does however mention “print publisher.” This is malpractice, mistake, inadvertence or neglect by the Sherron Law Firm.

It is not necessary to mention print publisher. Defendant will stipulate to no print publishing. Whomever drafted Herriot’s legal pleadings used boilerplate legal language without bothering to put any legal thinking or analysis into the so-called “restraining order.” Herriot and his minions have been crying about a “restraining order” since 2014. What Charles Kenyon, Jeff Cowan and Steve Delacruz want is a criminal restraining order and not this defective unenforceable judgment for non-existent print publishing.

There Has Never Been Any Publishing in Print

Defendant has never published anything about Herriot in print. Publishing in print would be totally unnecessary, expensive and ridiculous. So why do Herriot’s legal papers attempt to restrain print publishing but not by name? Because Herriot’s tax attorney Mr. Alvin Sherron has violated the attorney code of ethics and professional conduct by practicing law in an area in which he is not proficient.

Abuse of Legal Process

Herriot’s unenforceable judgment is an abuse of process. Herriot’s legal pleadings are designed to intimidate, harass and annoy defendant. Plaintiff Herriot’s legal pleadings are incompetent boilerplate documents processed by someone who did not know what they were doing. Attorney Sherron should be investigated by the State Bar of California. The State Bar has the resources to do this important work whereas this blog’s resources are stretched rather thin.

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State Bar of California Investigation

The purpose of this blog is to suggest a State Bar of California investigation into the professional misconduct and/or incompetence of Tax Attorney Alvin Sherron for practicing in an area of law in which he is unfamiliar. California law prohibits a lawyer form representing a client in an area of law in which that lawyer is untrained and inexperienced. Attorneys must be trained and experienced in civil litigation before they can represent clients in actions to restrain and enjoin the constitutional civil rights of others. Print publisher as well as Internet publisher is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. John Herriot and his CPA Jeff Cowan as well as messenger Steve Delacruz need to obtain competent legal counsel to continue this travesty of justice.

john herriott