Pasty Peds Posing as Naturists


Mr. Marcus Bastida, Esq.
Parker Stanbury LLP
19th Nervous Breakdown Floor
LA, CA 90071

RE: Registered Pedophile John Herriot
Your File: 3834893

Our Key Word:

CMEN Amber Alert Investigation

Dear Mr. Bastida:

If you or anyone you represent is a pedophile and leather fetish practitioner posing as a California naturist I will find you and expose you to public scrutiny. You failed to return my email offering to acquiesce to your demands in exchange for John Herriot issuing a written statement that there is no restraining order issued against me preventing me from attending CMEN amber alert child trafficking gatherings sponsored by CMEN. Your failure to respond indicates to me that your November 16, 2016 letter is nothing more than intimidation bordering on harassment and malfeasance.

There is No Restraining Order Against Dean McAdams

I’m telling you in front of the whole world that I am coming after Charles Kenyon of Philadelphia, PA with all the legal firepower I can unleash upon his fraudulent misrepresentations that there is a restraining order issued against me. Charles Kenyon is on my legal hit list along with John Herriot and Rick Boehle. Are you attempting to use California naturism to promote international child trafficking on behalf of Mr. Herriot? I’m calling you out sir, meet me here at high noon . . . .

CMEN Amber Alert

Thanks for waving a red flag in front of me.  You are now standing in the CMEN sewer of pedophila and only one degree removed from international child trafficker John Karl Herriot, aka John Herriott and John Harrot. On November 17, 2016 I sent you a letter requesting that you clarify your relationship with known pedophiles Herriot and Rick Boehle. To date I have not received a response and therefore I will assume that you have no attorney-client relationship with either of these two seriously aberrated elder criminals. Who else in the CMEN private boy lover club is also a registered pedophile?

Your attempts to silence this website are an attempt to desecrate the very underpinnings of the foundations upon which this country is founded. If John Herriot can run around with his dick hanging out spreading lies about me then I shall print these truths about your attempts to promulgate the practice of gay nudist pederasty in Malibu and Tennessee. What exactly is your public position on CMEN leather training of twelve year old boys at gay nudist summer camps sir?

Are you also a practicing baseball uniform peddling pedophile with Mr. Herriot?  Did you meet Mr. Herriot at Camp Shalom in Malibu or Whispering Oaks in Tennessee? Do you know Mr. Herriot from his exploits in Thailand with Mr. Charles Kenyon of Philadelphia, PA.  Any attempts by your office to silence this investigation will not be taken lying down is if this were some kind of CMEN amber alert paid sex party in Paul Schneiderman’s defectively designed jacuzzi where I woke up like a frog in a boiling pan of water.

Please be advised that your incompetent legal counsel to pedophile John Herriot has given me an erection. It’s been a week since I have had a real man’s cock up my ass and now I am going to fuck you sir. I’m not an attorney but last night I had a dream about the late great Justice Scalia and now I am using the power of the holy First Amendment to conduct a full and complete investigation of your associations and assemblies with certified pedophiles John Karl Herriot, Rick Boehle, Charles Kenyon and any others that I may uncover in Malibu, West Hollywood, Philadelphia or Thailand.  

Thank you in advance for allowing me to read you the riot act sir.  Let’s get ready to rumble . . .

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger
Palm Springs, CA