When I was a young man just starting out on the road to sexual enlightenment a nice older proctologist named Dr. Paul McDuff came along and gave me a helping hand.  McDuff is actually a gynecologist by training and education. However with his large hands the good doctor can easily work on any gender. Finding a good top who is also a medical professional can facilitate rising to new levels of sexual expertise. 


I just had to milk another blog out of my proctologist Dr. Allen making a house call on the 4th of July.  Amazingly the good doctor actually came over with my landlord’s forty-year old manchild friend Danny.  Good God, that Danny kid was psychotic and testing me. The good old upper middle class gay Jewish landlord apologized to me for Danny’s rudeness.  I made sure to tax the situation to my advantage.  Being part of the Body of Christ doesn’t mean you are anyone’s doormat.

Having a mystical experience as the Body of Christ has called me to write these blogs to the youth of America as a sexual resource.  If you make love with God first, then everything else will fall into place. The Holy Spirit has cleansed and purified my sexual behavior in Palm Springs.  I am actually feeling a little adventurous now that it is the middle of summer and all of the normal people have gone home to Los Angeles.

same sex therapy

Proctologist Desert Rats

Everyone in Palm Springs is a desert rat just like me.  I am the only one who admits it. If you life in the desert year round, if you live in 120 degree summers, you are a desert rat.  I like being a nudist desert rat in Palm Springs.  I only use the words gay and homosexual to attract viewers. There is no such thing as gay or straight.  Homosexuality as an exclusive lifestyle is a recent Western invention.