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YOGI PRODUCT RESEARCH | Throughout History Female Yoga Students Have Far Outnumbered Males 

When I was a kid my father would always be giving me tips on how to make money by giving people what they want.  Dad would point to display ads in newspapers and say, “See these advertisements?  These companies wouldn’t be paying for expensive newspaper ads if they weren’t making money selling these self-improvement books, out-door accessories and women’s cosmetics.”  Dad was trying to inspire me to do the same product research that Jeff Bezos did in order to create Amazon.  Maybe I should have listened to my father a little better. 

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Yogi Bhajan must have received the same product research advice from his father when he was young, only he listened to it.  Yoga historian Philip Deslippe points out that one of the best sources for tracing American yoga history is through newspaper advertisements.  Professor Deslippe teaches religion at the University of California at Santa Barbara and he has amassed an impressive array of twentieth century yoga advertisements from American newspapers which you see here. My yoga education was complete after Guru Singh kicked me out of kundalini yoga.  

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What people really want is to fill the God shaped hole in their hearts.  That’s what I was always trying to do, heal my spiritual malaise with God union.  Yoga is union.  Union with the Creator.  My product research indicates that other people are looking for the same thing.  People, places and things will never fill the hole, everybody knows that now.  A good yoga education is a good investment in yourself that will pay off in the long run.  I spent a fortune on myself in order to learn how to meditate.  I spent everything I ever had on the pearl of great wisdom.  My intuition is getting stronger.  Now I am free to know nothing.

Product Research: Gurus have better sex than other men because they hog all the available young bitches to themselves while their wives are kept elsewhere.

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Paralegal and legal document assistant are the bastards of law.  Paralegal and LDA should be used as temporary stop-gap measures.  Never set your sights on becoming a permanent professional paralegal, just go the distance to attorney.  Today you need to be at least an attorney to have a decent go of it.  My advice is to become an electrical engineer.  If I could do it all over again I would have stayed in the hard sciences instead of getting a worthless film degree.  Never become a paralegal or LDA because it is a deadly end.    

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