Shake ‘N Bake Guru Training – Just Add Ego

Become a Guru at Yoga West

Is Guru Singh a confidence artist scamming starry-eyed yoga students? Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West is really guru profiteer training school.  Dressing up in white clothing and playing guru at Yoga West is an emotionally exhilarating experience if you are accepted.  Sitting in Yoga West draped in white religious clothing you can exude a casually elitist vibe.  Worldwide Kundalini yoga has a real LA vibe to it.  Profiteer Yogi Bhajan came to Los Angeles and created Kundalini yoga by synthesizing real Kundalini yoga, Sikh religion and anti-patriarchal Age of Aquarius nonsense. Yogi Bhajan even says none of makes any sense in his book Man to Man.

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Next Generation Profiteer

Yogi Bhajan’s successor is profiteer Guru Singh of Yoga West.  Guru Singh does it all with buzz words and brilliant marketing.  Guru Singh’s video’s and marketing materials are very high quality.  The problem is the amount of misinformation contained in Guru Singh’s teachings.  He tried to kick me out of class one day by misinforming me that I was practicing shavasana in a pregnancy yoga class.  The guru was wrong.  It goes on and on like this.  I even properly defined the word “oxymoron” in class but Guru Singh totally lied and said I was wrong. 

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Power of {{{Now}}}

Guru Singh is a font of misinformation.  He is a politician dressed in sheep’s clothing while touting zeitgeist buzz words like “Now”.  He got this from Eckart Tolle and the Power of Now.  Every spiritual plagarist was doing this.  My friend Erk Stremke was a disciple of Bishop Jim Swilley.  Swilley wrote a book called The Church in the Now and then came out as gay.  Ridiculous plagarist repressed pastors and gurus pontificating their profiteer dogma.  Don’t hide your sexuality or your violence, always be yourself.  If you are so hung, then go with God and humm. 

The Guru Sing Experience

What a great day job Guru Singh has.  I think I am jealous. Guru Singh didn’t make it as a Warner Brothers recording artist and so he made a lateral career move as a Kundalini Guru.  He was listening to The Jimi Hendrix Experience and used that buzz word.  Guru Singh just uses the artwork of the zeitgeist and carves his own little mediocre career out of music and yoga.   

Power of Purpose Driven Buzz Words

Guru Singh is a master of buzz words and marketing.  Every spiritual entrepreneur tries to sell the words “Peace” and “Purpose” these days.  A book titled, “Purpose Driven Life” sells millions and everyone copies it.  Purpose driven this, purpose driven that.  My preference would be purpose driven anal masturbation. 

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