Emotional Slut

My Emotionally Promiscuous Lifestyle

Promiscuous doesn’t just mean having indiscriminate sex, it also means having indiscriminate or casual social or emotional dallyances. I’m trying to clean up my act by becoming more emotionally discriminating and less of a social slut, just barfing out my emotionally promiscuous gratification called words. I’m trying to kill the defense mechanism called my defective personality. I’m using funky downtown Ventura as my therapy laboratory, practicing good emotional hygiene instead of being a verbal slut.  

Sexually promiscuous

My Sexually Promiscuous Past

My miraculous spiritual healing from gay sexual promiscuity occurred approximately two years ago.  Walking through a Chumash park on Sunday morning it occurs to me that I no longer fill weekend hours with typical mindless gay sex. I don’t hang out in Palm Springs with Ron King wearing my denim cut off shorts. I was giving away my life when I was sexually trashy. I cringe at how I once had physical contact with total strangers. I could never do that now.

Emotional hygiene

Now instead of hooking up with gay men for Sunday afternoon trysts, I write these blogs, watch documentaries on YouTube Red, and try really hard to practice my revolutionary new “two nap per day” lifestyle.    

Emotionally gay

Daytime soap operas with their overblown emotional charicatures are feminine pornography. Men want real sex that’s why we are all secretly gay. I used women to try and prove I wasn’t secretly gay. Then I came out and was openly gay and kinda sorta regretted it. I’m glad I never has sex reassignment surgery because I would really hate to regret that!


I have to be in the right mood to be around people, otherwise I prefer to be alone. Right now I am in the right mood. Anytime I drive very far north of LA I get excited with the prospect of adventure. Ventura has always been my uncrowded escape hatch from the LA-Malibu beachopolis. Oxnard and points north are Sunday afternoon in the country. When you need it there are excellent downtown restaurants. Beautiful pier and waterfront.