Gluten Free Food Is Expensive

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Elevating Your Community’s Kids With A Gluten Free Diet?


Obtain Funding by Triangulating Raw Data


By connecting the raw data with raw data to form a third point. By triangulating raw data into information I create a new network. The quality of my network depends upon the quality of each connection. Can I connect a quality gluten free community with a sponsor?  Can I create a community to sponsor a commercial gluten free product? Can I created a renewable self-sustaining commercial community devoted to raising the quality of life through health and well being?


My Last week I read that the Clinton Foundation website is promoting the prevention of childhood obesity.  My community is into gluten free raw food diet of which prevention of childhood obesity is an inherent result. So now I actually go to the Clinton Foundation website to perform my initial research.  

The Clinton Foundation deals with the issues of Climate Change, Girls and Women, Global Health Issues and Health and Wellness.  My initial research did not find anything on childhood obesity per se.  At least my initial kernal of childhood obesity got me to finally check out the issue areas of the Clinton Foundation and finally click around their website. Thanks Chelsea.


Will Manufacturers of Gluten Free Products Donate Money for Community Promotion?


In the new friendly green economy more and more corporations are packaging themselves to be the embodiment of green commerce.  Friendly green commerce for the people.  

I just got up and got my loaf of Food For Life, Flourless, Spouted Sesame Bread made in Corona, California. Now I am going to carry the loaf of gluten free bread back into the kitchen and make an egg sandwich with with it.

The Food For Life website has a feature to let me submit a testimonial.  I will now write a testimonial for this product that I eat almost every single day of my life.

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Dean’s Foods For Life Testimonial:


My health improved dramatically when I went Gluten Free in 2010 and Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Bread was part of it. I some time of Foods For Life product almost every day of my life. I recommend this bread for radical health transformation.


Maybe someday I will solicit Foods For Life for some type of philanthropic cause related to gluten free whole foods. I am thanking Foods for Life right here in this article for all they have done for my life. Now I will do a little more research to find out what if any causes Foods For Life has donated to. There is nothing on the Internet about Foods For Life and charity. Maybe someday I will cultivate and solicit Foods For Life to promote the gluten free way of life. Did I say that already?  


Response from Food For Life to my testimonial:


Hi there Dean,

We appreciate hearing from you in regard to your health transformation and the use of our Ezekiel 4:9 Breads.   It is always a pleasure to hear from our happy and loyal customers!

I noticed that you mentioned that you began eating Ezekiel 4:9 Bread when you found out that you had to go Gluten Free.   As a company whose number one mission is to provide specialty baked goods for special diets, we need to point out that the Ezekiel 4:9 products DO contain gluten; and they include wheat, barley, and spelt which all contain gluten naturally.  Although when subjected to the sprouting process the enzymes that are released break down the proteins (which gluten is part of) and make it easier to digest.


That being said, we do not recommend our Ezekiel 4:9 line of products for those who cannot eat gluten at all.  For those customers we DO have a line of Gluten free breads that can be substituted.  

I have included a link to those items below:


I am creating something out of nothing here. And learning in the process.  I am the one who needs to learn more about gluten free products.  By raising your awareness of cutting edge issues in heath and well being I invite you to participate in whatever may resonate with you.  I am meditating a new way of being into my consciousness and yours.