The CMEN Agenda

At the 2014 CMEN planning meeting for the 2015 Fall Gathering in Malibu I started telling John Herriott that the workshops and entertainment in his little boy lover club were bullshit. Those were my exact words.  I wish I had of been more articulate or even put it in writing however I simply told Herriott that he was bullshit.  Sitting in the French Market in October of 2014 with Drew Searing and others present I specifically told John Herriott that his evening camp drag shows were bullshit, however what I really meant that the whole thing is bullshit. Soul sickness.  A vast wasteland.

valley boy lover club
Rick Boehle Wearing His CMEN Hat!

Chas K’s Boy Lover Club  

So I left LA to become a $4,000/per month male prostitute to Chas K. in Philadelphia.  And then I had a goddamned emergency triple-bypass open heart surgery heart attack on December 26, 2014 in a blizzard.  My life is so dramatic that I had forgotten about all of this until this morning.  CMEN did me a favor by waking me up and saving my life.

boy lover club
I’m getting sick of seeing these creepy CMEN ex-associates as my featured images so I have taken these guys off the cover and replaced them with professionals doing the same thine CMEN amateurs do only better.

Because the next item of business at that planning meeting was Rick Boehle introducing a disturbing proposal for a workshop titled: “How to explain leather to a 12 year old in non-sexual terms.”  Myself and the brave Andy S. told Rick to shut up, forget it, don’t think about sex in your little boy lover club.  I never went to the 2015 Gathering because getting caught in an FBI pedophile bust scares me.  

Rick Boehle woke me up.  Mr. Boehle opened my eyes to the fact that I was sitting in a West Hollywood restaurant with a homosexual who wants to explain deviant homosexual leather fetish behavior to a 12 year old boy.  I am only interested in sex with masculine men making me the boy . . .  So I kicked myself out of their little boy lover club and never went to another CMEN Gathering.  

rick boehle
Rick Boehle

Mr. Boehle insisted that the problem is that I don’t understand that he intends his seminar to be “non-sexual”. Yes Rick I do understand that you want to explain leather as a non-sexual fashion accessory and I am still against it. Andy and I kept saying words to the effect of: “Shut the fuck up talking about 12 year old boys is a gay restaurant because even the other fags are staring at us.”  I am against any instruction of 12 year olds on any subject matter by Rick Boehle or John Herriott.

Original Boy Lover Club

Herriott went to prison for having sex in his boy lover club he created at Catholic School summer camp in Palo Alto.  Registered child prostitution offenders are everywhere, operating right out in the open in front of the police and everybody.  

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.