Officers Burton & Smart Ass

Why can’t the Palm Springs Police Department apprehend the vast numbers of child sexual predators running around the desert?  Because PSPD Officers Burton & Smart Ass claim that child sexual exploitation is a “game”.  Burton claims that child sex trafficking in Palm Springs is a game because John Herriot is using youth league baseball uniforms to groom his “team”.

officers burton smart chief reyes

Palm Springs Police Chief Brian Reyes administering the oath to Officer C. Smart – June 16, 2016

Poorly Trained Law Enforcement Personnel

Palm Springs is notorious for poorly trained uniformed law enforcement emergency response. In PS the cops kill unarmed citizens, and then waltz right into the line of fire of armed criminals.  Officers Burton and Smart think that who ever calls the cops first is the innocent party.  Palm Springs cops scare me. If PSPD ever tries to claim that I died in a traffic accident, suicide, or some other violent episode typical to the desert, I demand a complete investigation.

pspd officers burton smart

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

Usually while interrogating witnesses in the 126 degree heat, the PSPD play the standard good cop, bad cop tag team maneuvers.  However with Officers Burton and Smart Ass this dynamic is altered into a bad cop, bad cop assault upon the witness.  My landlord, Jeffrey Cowan, is the Certified Public Accountant for the Mexican Boy Lover Club. Cowan calls the cops every few days trying to get the cops to shoot and kill me.  Cowan and registered child sex offender John Herriot are lying to the cops by claiming that there is a judicial restraining order prohibiting investigation of their international criminal conspiracy.  Last night Burton and Smart Ass detained me while Cowan entered the premises and removed his child pornography and other so-called “artwork”.  The pedophiles were removing evidence while Burton and Smart Ass played bad cop, bad cop with me. My main mission is to put attorneys in prison for child sex trafficking but if a few cops and accountants want to jump in, then this blog is here to hand them a rope.

pspd officer jeffrey burton

pedophile port of entry palm springsIs Child Sex Trafficking a Game if the Players are Wearing John Herriot Youth League Baseball Uniforms?

No.  Sex with children under the age of 14 years is always a crime no matter what the cast of characters is wearing.  Get behind the law. Tell Palm Springs Police Department Officers Burton, Smart, Cook, Aguilera and even Chief Reyes that you don’t think gay child sex trafficking is a game even if everyone plays naked.