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PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION: How Do Terrorists Recruit Young Minds to Kill for Beliefs?

psychological operation
Manson Follower Squeaky Fromme Being Carried Into Court After Her Attempt to Assassinate President Reagan

Terrorists Recruit Volunteers by Skillfully Exploiting Lonely & Emotionally Vulnerable Young Women Using PSYOPS

Both Charles Manson and ISIS took advantage of isolated young girls by exploiting the feminine need for social connection. Men skilled in psychological operations can take advantage of affection starved girls who are not yet fully developed women. Criminal minds can charm and seduce impressionable young minds to kill for beliefs because women need to belong to a social group much more than men do. The Manson girls were all high on LSD but they still needed Charlie to give them their diabolical game plan. ISIS has their martyrdom for the oppressed rhetoric. Everybody has an agenda. My agenda is to use the immense power of digital persuasion to counter the ISIS message.  

Terrorist groups provide community and sociability for directionless young women. These control freaks run a psychological operation whereby they basically program their recruits like robots. 

Manson and ISIS exploited this social emotional need by first simply being there for the girls. The techniques used at first are to pay attention to the girl and tell her she is special and vital. Make her feel loved and part of the group. Then slowly radicalize her and explain why the suicide vest is necessary. 

Prison is Psychological Operation School


Charlie Manson learned how to run psychological operations as a criminal apprentice in reform school and prison. Psyops are part of the con man’s arsenal. The colloquialism “con man” comes from the term confidence man. The confidence man uses uses street level cognitive science and pop psychology to gain his victim’s confidence. Charlie Manson was really just a small time criminal using his emotional control of lost young women in his drug dealing operation. The Tate-LaBianca murders were designed by Charlie to create a copy cat killing in order to throw the Los Angeles Police Department off the trail of his earlier drug deal related murder of musician Gary Hinman.

In the process Manson created terror in Los Angeles and the beginning of the end of the Summer of Love. Manson understood the concept of psyops and it was part of his Helter Skelter terror plan. 

Mary Brunner, Manson Family Member No. Two, Holding Michael Valentine “Pooh Bear” Manson, Manson Family Member No. 3

The resourceful young Manson used his psyop skills when he was a 32 year old prison parolee in San Francisco with no desire to get a real job. He met 23 year old UC Berkeley librarian Mary Brunner in a public park and talked his way into moving in with her. Manson used the typical 60’s questioning of traditional values such as monogamy to open her up.

Charlie convinced Mary to let their relationship remain open to other sex partners against her initial protests. Manson then established himself as a guru during the 1967 Summer of love in Haight-Ashbury.

On April 15, 1968 they had a son named Pooh Bear and the Manson Family was born. Manson moved his psychological operation south to Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and eventually Death Valley where he would be arrested while hiding out with his motley crew of thrill killing runaways and castoffs.

In archival interviews Charlie talks about intentionally focusing on isolated young women with no strong social ties or relationships so that he could mold them like a blank slate. Runaways and criminals were great candidates for Manson’s “Helter Skelter” psywar

From Wikipedia:

According to Stromberg, Manson had a dynamic personality with an ability to read a person’s weakness and ‘play’ them.[20] Trying to co-opt an influential individual from a motorcycle gang by granting him access to ‘Family’ women, Manson claimed to be sexually pathetic, and convinced the biker that his outsized endowment was all that kept the ‘Family’ females at Spahn ranch.[22]

Selling it With Sex is a Psychological Operation

Manson used outright sexual favors doled out by the girls to George Spahn in order to stay at his movie ranch in Chatsworth. Is it a psychological operation or the risky business of prostitution? Maybe Charlies method should be called a sexual operation because that is exactly what it was. Charlie instructed the girls in the art of “flirty fishing” for new recruits. It was the late sixties and sex was doled out much more readily and easily by women as a means of commerce and energy exchange. 

George Spahn and Squeaky Fromme
George Spahn and Unidentified Manson Girl

From Wikipedia: Manson ordered the Family’s women, including Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, to occasionally have sex
with the nearly blind, 80-year-old owner, George Spahn. The women also acted as seeing-eye guides for Spahn. In exchange, Spahn allowed Manson and his group to live at the ranch for free.[1]:99–113[30]Squeaky acquired her nickname because she often squeaked when Spahn pinched her thigh.[1]:163–174

ISIS Also Runs a Psychological Operation on Women


Attracting a similar demographic to Charlie Manson, ISIS runs a psychological operation based upon social connection and religious texts. ISIS uses technology to to recruit lonely young women. Just like Charles Manson, ISIS spends a lot of personal one-on-one time with new recruits. The main difference is that ISIS uses high technology combined with personal mentoring to communicate ideology and lessons in religious texts.

ISIS uses the Internet and smart phone applications to advertise and sell their program just like major corporations or any other entity with a belief system to sell using a modern medium such as the Internet. ISIS uses social media such as Facebook as a public relations lifestyle tool. ISIS creates web content as public relations propaganda to create a positive public perception of Islam in order to advertise and sell their belief system. ISIS apparently uses the old bait and switch method to radicalize converts after they have been recruited. Charlie Manson did the same thing. Nobody joined up thinking they would become killers. A psychological operation takes time. 

“All of us have a natural firewall in our brain that keeps us from bad ideas,” said Nasser Weddady, a Middle East expert who is preparing a research paper on combating extremist propaganda. “They look for weaknesses in the wall, and then they attack.”

Jihadists must keep their naive young recruits separate from legitimate mainstream Muslims. Jihadist educators skillfully avoid any mentioning of jihad or extremism in the early stages of conversion. Young recruits are kept busy with religious study and ritual in the beginning. 

This is a psychological operation
This is a psychological operation

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.