Energy Healing

Divine Psychosomatic

Core Energetics is a divine psychosomatic practice of the unification of the personality and spirituality.  The experience of surrender is a means to allow the Divine and the Divine Self and Divine Will to manifest.  The goal is to spiritually gain an understanding of the characterological life task of manifesting divinity. The individual’s journey of healing wounds and schizoid fragmentation unifies the personal energy field with the universal energy field to create a higher pulsatory vibration.

psychosomatic responseBy developing the listening and verbal skills that accompany and enhance body and energy work you will integrate your personality. Ann Bradney took me further sexually than any other female sex surrogate I have worked with. I stated my intention to become a sexual healer in Ann’s Radical Aliveness Core Energetics program. 

Experience formulating questions that deepen consciousness and process. Learn about validating real feelings, identifying and challenging misconceptions and distortions and your real and false needs. Are you experienced at holding and modeling good boundaries?

psychosomatic pitch

Your character structure mask and maladaptive behaviors allow you to transfer your neurosis. You can be taught how to confront attitudes of denial, negative intent, vicious cycles and destructive patterns as they appear in your relationships. The didactic and experiential process helps students understand and expose their transferential masks and projections. Practice sessions support student practitioners to gain experience penetrating the transferential masks of individuals.

Resistance to Consciousness, Bodywork and Work with the Lower Self

Most clients and even most practitioners themselves are resistant to higher consciousness. Resistance occurs in both the client and the practitioner until a complete spiritual and psychosomatic surrender occurs. Unconditional love is being resisted and how this resistance recognized by a know-it-all attitude. Verbal and physical techniques to work with resistance include non-engagement and doing bodywork. The goal of awareness is in bringing negative intent to consciousness.


Most people have a fear of pleasure manifested by this resistance to consciousness of the lower self. Timing of lower self work from the standpoint of client readiness and ego strength is is crucial.

Psychosomatic Spiritual Release

The purpose of this article is to emphasise the spiritual importance of transforming the lower self. Resistance to psychosomatic spiritual surrender is natural and is not a sign of failure.