What is a Public Nuisance?

Jeff Cowan attended the free nude pool party on the last weekend of the CMEN West Coast Gathering at Camp Shalom Malibu. Then he wrote an anonymous letter to the Camp Shalom administration pretending to be a rabbi. In his letter Cowan complained about the bathhouse sex that takes place at CMEN events. That is being a hypocrite and a public nuisance.

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Camp Shalom Malibu doesn’t care about men running around having unprotected anal sex in the hills of Malibu. Cowan wasn’t complaining about someone else, Cowan was caving-in under the anxiety of forgetting to take his psychiatric medication.

Camp Shalom doesn’t even want to hear about gay child sex trafficking because of the horrendous amount of paper work mandatory reporters must fill out. Therefore it is time to stop public hysteria from hypocrites and outright degenerates such as Jeffrey R. Cowan of Cathedral City, California. Cowan isn’t contacting the authorities to report nudity, he is making anonymous calls and letters to validate his own mental illness.

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Public Nudity is Not a Crime

A public nuisance is someone who abuses the 911 emergency operator system to report his Palm Springs neighbors for nude sunbathing. Pseudo-gay Jeff Cowan calls the police when his gay neighbors are naked in the desert. Sometimes the Palm Springs Police Department actually sends a community safety officer out because Jeff will lie and say some type of crime is being committed. So you need to tell Mr. Jeff Cowan that the 911 system is not for making prank calls and fake welfare checks on Roger Morris and Paul Schneiderman.

It is not illegal to be naked on private property. Most people don’t know this. The law gives you the right to privacy against snoops and gossips. Cowan is just looking for a way to infect himself upon the populace. Most people are looking for something to be offended by. It is not illegal to be offended. Being easily offended is a mild personality disorder. Being easily offended is a trendy thing to be these days. If you want to voice you opinion write a blog don’t complain to the police.

A Public Nuisance Invades Privacy By Looking In the Neighbor’s Backyard

It is illegal to look into someone’s window and tell people what you have seen (or more usually, what you think you see). Any peeping by you is illegal, not just watching women undress. You can call the cops all day long only if you truly believe think an actual crime has been committed. So stop staring into your neighbors windows because it is illegal.

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Cowan Lost a Beautiful Villa Because of His Fake 911 Calls

You can’t call the police because you don’t like people being naked. If you have a problem with other people being naked then you are the problem not the other person. The other person is only a reflection of yourself. Jeff Cowan lost a beautiful villa in PS because of his fake 911 calls and misrepresentations about restraining orders. Ask Palm Springs Realtor Pat Cook or Camino del Sol HOA President Brian Woodhouse if Jeff Cowan is an asshole.

You can only call the police if you think someone’s life is in danger. If you call the police for things you don’t like about your neighbor you are intruding upon their seclusion and invading their privacy. Plus it is totally unnecessary. Think about it, the police are understaffed. Do you really want to waste public resources being a public nuisance calling the cops for nudity? If you talk shit about other people then an informal restraining order in the form of a blog should be issued against you for being a repugnant neighbor and a public nuisance. If you are an asshole your neighbors may even dedicate an entire series of web articles about you.

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