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History Will Remember Citizen Assange Favorably

Julian Assange is a Publisher

Citizen Assange is an Australian publisher who exercised freedom of speech by publishing videos of the US Armed Forces accidentally killing two Reuters journalists. Now he will probably be punished for exposing this wrongdoing by the USA. To get around the freedom of speech issue Assange will be punished for helping Chelsea Manning with secret passwords.

The United States of America cannot put Assange in prison for conduct protected by freedom of speech but they probably can punish him for unauthorized entry into a computer. USA Today published an article yesterday educating me on this. Here is an article this morning from the Guardian explaining why the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange should be opposed by American citizens. Don’t kill for me. All freedom lovers should become publishers.

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We Should All Become Publishers

Let Julian Assange serve as a role model for freedom lovers everywhere. A responsible citizen would stay off of Facebook and construct their own blog. Are you aware of bad conduct that you would like to expose in your world? The only way your world can evolve is if you start publishing evidence of wrongdoing just like Citizen Assange did when he published video of the American military accidentally killing two Reuters journalists. Assange is being punished for exposing the inappropriate conduct of the USA. Sometimes partners become bad neighbors and that is why we need good citizen publishers.

A Publisher Must Also Be a Good Guest

As it turns out, the Ecuadoran Embassy kicked Julian Assange out of his room after seven years for being an impolite guest. Apparently Mr. Assange failed to maintain either his hygiene or the proper care of his cat. The stir-crazy Assange was skateboarding on the hardwood floors frightening dipolmats and he ruined the lawn outside playing football.

Publish or Perish

Steve Delacruz and Jeff Cowan have been bad neighbor’s in Cat City California. Their association with registered gay child sex trafficker John Herriott is not good for the community. Therefore this website published a citizen issued restraining order for 29613 Calle Tampico, Cathedral City, California. Steve Delacruz, Danny Welchhance and Jeff Cowan are engaged in the aiding and abetting of gay child sex trafficker John Herriot. Herriot has moved his gay summer camp to the San Bernardino mountains as a result of the 2018 fire that devastated Malibu. As a result, 29613 Calle Tampico has become a summer rental for Herriott and his registered gay child sex offender conspirators.

Citizen Publisher

John Herriott is a very bad neighbor for your children to be around. The good news is that Mr. Herriott and his associates have been very helpful to my new career as a publisher by giving me something to investigate and something to write about. There is no such thing as writer’s block with John Herriot running amok in the hot California Desert.

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