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The fastest & easiest way to recover a Facebook account that you have lost control of

Have you ever tried recovering your Facebook account without your email or phone number? Create a new account with the same name & birth date, and BANG your old account is recovered!

Have you tried recovering your Facebook account password after losing control of your old email that you used to create your account and phone number that you have since changed? If you create a new Facebook account with the same name and birthdate, you are quickly let back into your account.

Due to my changing phone numbers and email addresses, I lost control of my Facebook account eleven months ago. I didn’t really care that much, I kind of wanted to create a new account with only my real friends. So for the past eleven months I have been trying all of my old passwords just for fun with no success.

My Facebook account always used an old Lycos Mail account because I did not want to receive constant notifications on my business email account. Every time a Facebook user commented on one of my posts, or when someone commented on one of my comments, I received an email at my primary email address. So I used the Lycos email to keep my primary email inbox clean. But then I briefly moved out of the 310 area code and foolishly changed my number to a 626 number. My laptop always remembered my password and so it was never a problem until Facebook did a security checkup and wanted me to re-enter my password. I have an excellent memory and Facebook kept telling me I was close but no match. Facebook offered to send me a code to my old phone number that I had no control of. Facebook offered to send me a code to the Lycos Mail account that I had never used with my new laptop, therefore I had no control over that email account. Frustratingly, underneath the email accounts listed that I had no control over, in the middle of that list was my real email address listed like this: d***@l**********.com, but there was no toggle to switch that email on to receive a verification code. So I decided to pursue my real ambition of creating a new Facebook account that is only connected to my real friends. When I started creating that new account using my same name a real birthday, ZAP, I was instantly back inside my old account!