Whitey the Racial Outsider

What do you call someone who is half Mexican and half Scottish? You cannot use mestizo because that is half Indian and you cannot use tragic mulatto because that is half Negro. The term racial outsider seems appropriate for someone whose mother was Mexican and dad was Caucasian. Linda Ronstadt is a racial outsider who I always identified with because we have the same skin tone.

racial outsider
Linda Ronstadt at her home in Malibu, January 1968. Moment captured by Henry Diltz.

Racial Outsider Skin Tone

I usually try to vibrate with someone’s skin tone. It is an intuitive method of human profiling. It you have a good feel then you are worth of investing time in. If you give off a bad vibration I don’t even want to talk to you no matter what color you are. Intelligence is my favorite color in a person.

I always saw myself as universal

White Privilege, Brown Privilege

Good thing that I enjoyed my white privilege while that was a hot ticket. Now if anybody gives me any problems I am just going to say: “Back off man I’m a Mexican!” You have to play the right cards in the game of life.

Latin Flavored Racial Outsider

Having hot Latin blood is good for being a blogger. Being passionate makes you find creative outlets for your energy. When I was young I used music and now I use the blog. I am a Latin flavored racial outsider singing you my love song with this blog.

Latin Libido

Having a strong libido is a desirable character for bloggers. The key is to harness the sexual energy of the libido into the blog instead of into the sex act. Be careful you don’t leave your best blogging in bed. Transmutation of sexual energy is a good way to create interesting writing.

Be careful you don’t leave your best writing in bed. – Norman Mailer

Brown Racial Outsider Privilege

My whole life I have been the beneficiary of having a sexy Latin body. The very first time I had sex I was seduced by a gay kid my age who said I had a sexy body. When I was 53 years old Dr. Paul Allen hooked-up with me because I looked good on the outside. I was in the middle of a healing adventure that has resulted in this website. If you are going to pay $500/per year to have a blog then you must blog early and blog often. If you are a racial outsider you are well suited for such bold behavior as blogging.