Loving Shrek

When I first partnered-up with Dr. Paul Allen he was busy with his studies in Radical Aliveness Core Energetics and didn’t have a lot of time for our relationship.  When we first started hanging out, other gay men would pull me aside and complain about the way Paul looks.  I would sit there in utter amazement reading in-between the lines of what they were trying to say.  Basically they were lonely gay men jealous of the fact that a freak like me could be in a healing romantic relationship with a doctor who looks like Shrek. 

radical aliveness core energetics

One Broken Gay Man Complaining About Another Broken Gay Man

One broken gay man complaining about another broken gay man.  That’s what a lot of gay life is.  We are lucky we can all stand each other long enough for the perfect total sexual gratification to happen.  My whole life I have always gone for the “B” string lovers.  When I first saw Dr. Allen sleeping I said to myself, “I’ll never let myself be in a relationship with someone who looks like an ogre.” 

I was really lonely and so I got into a relationship with him even though he looks like Shrek.  If I had of passed this man up because of his looks, it would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  One day I was living in my RV with my dog and the next day I was living in a little guest house with my own private anal sex teacher.  Shrek gave me step-by-step instructions in ejaculation control and intimacy.  We practiced things like tantric breathing and eye-gazing.  I learned how to gush with love and become a whole and happy human being. 

It would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay someone like Dr. Joseph Kramer for the same kind of sexual instruction I got for free.  I received it all for free because Radical Aliveness Core Energetics kicked Dr. Shrek Allen out of their certificate program.  RACE’s loss was  my gain.   

Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Transference 

Unlicensed therapist Ann Bradney transferred her childhood emotions onto her client Dr. Paul Allen when he was a student in her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Certificate Program.  Dr. Allen is a 6′-8″, 276 lb. ogre who looks like Shrek.  When we were on the subway in New York a teenage girl laughed and made Shrek ears with her fingers behind his back.  Once when we were walking down the Westchester, California Walk of Aviation Pioneers on Sepulveda Boulevard, a woman at a stop light pulled her kid up out of the backseat and pointed at Dr. Allen in his short pants hobbling down the sidewalk.  I was a few steps behind tying my shoe as I witnessed the spectacle of my gay Shrek lover entertaining the straits.  Beauty and the Beast we were. 

Beauty and the Beast

Ann Bradney must have transferred her emotions onto Dr. Shrek Allen in some similar manner as mine.  Maybe she saw him as a Daddy she hates.  I see him as a Daddy who helps me.  Maybe she saw him as competition.  When Ann decided not to let Dr. Allen continue her program and become certified, she transferred her emotions and her credibility right out the window.  Ann didn’t let Paul Allen pass RACE because he is not photogenic.  

the redirection to a substitute, usually a therapist, of emotions that were originally felt in childhood (in a phase of analysis called transference neurosis ).

Silverdaddies.com Transference

For two years I was in an intimate live-in sexual relationship with Dr. Shrek Allen and it was one of the most important events in my life.  We met on Silverdaddies.com, the best place for an emotionally undeveloped boy to met a mentor and teacher.  I think I must have gotten the best daddy on Silverdaddies when I hooked-up with Dr. Shrek Allen.  He introduced me to a lot of people in the higher consciousness movement. 

At a Radical Aliveness Core Energetics benefit with Dr. Allen, I set my mind to start doing real pranayama ujayi breathing in yoga class.  Patricia Haman was at the benefit and she said a few things that changed my breathing for the rest of my life.  Because of Patty Haman my penis has more mass from better developed blood vessels.  Because of things I learned about breathing from Patty at RACE my cock is bigger.