Radical Aliveness Core Energetics (RACE)

The only reason sexual assault expert witness Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN relocated from Biloxi, MS to LA, CA was to follow Ann Bradney’s relocation of her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics practice from New York to Santa Monica, California.  The good doctor had been flying to NY but he wanted to live in the same city as RACE.  Dr. Allen was one of Ann’s very first Core Energetics students.  When Ann decided to move out west Dr. Allen was one of her major supporters. 

shrek art dr paul allen

The good doctor works nationwide and is up in the air a lot, so he could live wherever he wants.  He could have stayed near his family but he moved to California for the higher consciousness and Ann Bradney’s Radical Aliveness four year certification program.  Dr. Allen really helped Ann in her early days and she owes some of her success to having an accomplished professional such as the ivy league educated Dr. Paul Allen, MD as her student.  

ann bradney radical aliveness core energetics

Radical Rejection:  Ann Shows Dr. Shrek Allen the Door

Then in 2010 Ann Bradney failed the first and only student who has ever flunked out of Core Energetics in history:  Dr. Paul McDuff Allen, MD.   Ann refused to allow Dr. Allen to become a certified Radical Aliveness Core Energetics practitioner because of his alleged lack of body awareness. That is not a good reason to terminate a student.  A student should be nurtured.  Ann couldn’t deal with Dr. Allen because he had a dream about having David Suttcliffe’s baby.  Ann Bradney kicked Dr. Allen out of her little program because he looks like Shrek wearing short pants all year long, even in December.  


My Private Ogre

She broke the gay ogre’s great big heart but her loss was my gain.  When Ann gave Paul the boot he then had the time to move in with me and become my private certified sexological bodyworker.  Even living with Dr. Allen for two years I didn’t get to spend an inordinately immense amount of time with him because he works so much. I would have liked to have spent more time having the beast gratify my infantile emotional and sexual needs.

From time to time Dr. Allen would take me to see his shaman, don Miguel Filipowich (Miguel is his real name given to him at birth, not Michael).  Senor Filipowich is a native of Canada who was certified as a Core Energetics Practitioner in New York just like Ann Bradney was. After the way Ann treated Dr. Allen, Filipowich walked away from RACE altogether.  He doesn’t want anything to do with Ann and neither do I.  Dr. Allen keeps crawling back to her because he is obsessed with Core.  Dr. Allen kept threatening to write a book about Core and so I started writing these blogs to suffice for the time being.  

michael filipowich

Radical Aliveness’ Loss is My Healing Gain

Dr. Allen would have never had the time for a relationship with me if he became a RACE practitioner.  The good doctor works because he has too.  Paul inspects day surgery centers for Medicare certification and he works long hours travelling all over the US and sometimes overseas US military bases. 

When Ann kicked Dr. Allen out of RACE he was able to focus some of his time on me.  In a way I really kind of own Ann a debt of gratitude.  If not for Ann Bradney moving west, my private sex tutor would not have moved out west and been with me for two emotionally educational years.  If Dr. Allen had of become a certified RACE practitioner with Ann he still would not have had the time for an intimate live-in sexual healing and mentoring relationship with me.  Ann’s loss is my gain.  

michael filipowich shaman

Ann Bradney Shoots Radical Aliveness in the Foot

Core Energetics was started by a physician named Dr. John Perriakos.  Perriakos was influenced by another physician, the controversial Dr. Willhelm Reich.  By failing physician Dr. Paul Allen Ann Bradney both destroyed the lineage of Core Energetics physicians and she also failed to achieve her own stated program goals of dealing with chaos.  By flunking Dr. Allen out of her RACE certification Ann shot herself in the foot.  RACE could have used Dr. Allen’s credentials to further its own goals and gain credibility.  Ann could have solved the chaos created by Paul Allen’s gay inclinations and fantasies about having David Suttcliff’s baby.  By kicking Dr. Allen out of her program Ann Bradney made herself look like a hypocrite and a failure as a group facilitator.  Ann took the easy way out, waxing and waning with the moon.  Ann made herself look unhealed and jealous of Dr. Allen’s medical credentials.  Ann doesn’t even have a two-year college degree, Radical Aliveness has no credentials or right to deny a senior citizen his right to pursue an education.  She really pissed-off don Miguel Filipowich. Who the hell can be associated with a woman who openly discriminates against an eccentric 76 year old bisexual gynecologist with hip joint damage?

don miguel filipowich

Michael Filipowich

Michael Filipowich ceased his Radical Aliveness Core Energetics connections over Ann Bradney’s really bad decision to not allow Dr. Allen to continue with his Radical Aliveness certification.  I had a really unpleasant experience every time I was in Ann’s presence.  Ann favors group exercises of making rejecting faces and sounds.  It is really ironic for someone who advertises community building to stick out in my memory as telling everyone to make creepy ugly faces and say “no get away.”   Notice how Ann is really into the creep thing in this photo and the guy isn’t really into being a creep and making rejecting sounds.  Ann can be really creepy when she wants to.  

ann bradney creep face

RACE Discrimination

Apparently Ann only really connects with those whom she chooses to connect with.  That’s okay, that’s good, I am very discerning myself.  However I do not advertise myself as an egalitarian community builder and problem solver like Ann does.  The Radical Aliveness mission statement touts problem solving and thriving on chaos.  I didn’t experience Ann as a problem solver.  I experienced Ann as a woman saying “no” just to say “no.”  “No” is just the word that comes out of Ann Bradney’s mouth automatically.  Ann is very exclusionary and homogeneous in her community building.  Dr. Allen and myself are freaks and Ann can’t handle it.  I would like a list of everyone Ann has rejected from her program and use that list to start my own outsider community. 

don miguel filipowich

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