RADICAL SPIRITUALITY: Even The Catholic Church Has LBGT Ministries Now

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Where is Radical Spirituality in the Desert?

If you are a kundalini yogi like me then returning to your Catholic roots can be radical spirituality. Mass at Our Lady of Solitude in downtown Palm Springs has more cool homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians than any other church in the desert that I have been to so far. If I am going to be around gay people I want them to be healthy, good looking and radically spiritual.

Most of the gay men I know go to the Episcopal Church in downtown PS or one of the Religious Science aka Centers for Spiritual Living. Those are all very small, old, gray congregations. Mass at the Catholic Church is much more alive and vital. The weekly bulletin has contact information for the LBGT Community at Our Lady of Solitude. My renewed practice and ritual in the Church is radical spirituality in a gay town like PS. Right now a lot of gay men are at the beer bash at the Barracks in Cathedral City. In another lifetime I would have been right there with them. The Barracks is occasionally shut down by local law enforcement for illegal sexual activity in the back behind the pool tables. Now that classic gay bar meat rack sex scene has no appeal for me.


Religion is the New Radical Spirituality

The new age pendulum has swung all the way to the right along with the Donald Trump momentum. Catholicism and religion are now the new radical spirituality. The Catholic Church has the vibrant community. Gay ghettos and gay churches get to be incredibly one dimensional. As I have been preaching on this blog homosexuality in not a completion of the human masculine feminine energy dynamic. The Catholic community provides social completion. Now that I have my God I prefer the Catholic community for social gratification. The purpose of this article is to publish the fact that the Catholic church is practicing radical spirituality by including the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population in their religion.


Catholicism is the New Radical Spirituality

My kundalini yoga practice actually led me to my new relationship with the Catholic Church. As I burn out on the totally gay community and work my way back into the yoga community in Palm Springs I am opening up to the real me. I was getting claustrophobic hanging out only gay men. There were a few out Latina lesbians at the mass this morning. It would be really cool to find a sexy Latina lipstick lesbian for a beard but I never ever see that. My entire life I have never seen a lipstick lesbian.

The only lesbians I ever see in real life are masculine serious hard looking dykish broads. After mass I wandered next door to Koffi and had a coffee. I said good morning to a lesbian and she totally ignored me. I said hi to a few gay men and they ignored me. The older Palm Springs gay and lesbian scene is kind of elitist like that. I will start hanging out and partying with the Catholics.

Radical Spirituality is Staying Home on Saturday Night

Last night I watched a movie on cable about a teen-aged girl blogger titled: “Ask Me Anything.” The movie just used the sexy little girl’s blog as a narrative device to tell the story of her sex life. There is a really well done relationship with her father using expressionistic film poetry to represent the girl’s orgasmic block. The film degenerates into a chick flick because it needs to get that audience and make some money. I get that. I only watched an hour of it and then found a much better movie about organ thieves called “Awaken”.

Yesterday morning I didn’t even go to the CMG breakfast at the Spa Casino because I am feeling so over and done with the gay scene right now. I remember being in a gay bar one Christmas season when I was married. I told this guy that I was into sex with men but not into the gay scene. That was true twenty-five years ago and it is true today. I am putting my homosexuality back in the closet with my new: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” sexual self-identification policy. I don’t really feel that other people are totally sexually honest with me so what they don’t know they can’t use against me.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.