Paralegal and LDA are Dead


Sometimes when the government prosecution train leaves the station there is no turning back and the defendant gets railroaded into the courthouse. That’s what happened to people like Michael Jackson, Randy Weaver and David Koresh. The government had no real case against any of these three but they got railroaded for being such high profile defendants. Your arrest and conviction may be more about public relations than the administration of criminal justice. The state needs to sell fear and the public is buying.

dissapearing paralegal

Homeland Security

For the protection of our people the positions of legal document assistant and paralegal should be eliminated. If the government doesn’t have a case against you they will manufacture one and LDA just gives the state the tools they need to load you into the criminal industrial complex. The United States of America will help you become a criminal by creating paradoxical laws such as the legal document assistant statutes in the California Business and Professions Code. LDA is a trap, don’t fall for it. If you want to work in law then become an attorney. LDA and paralegal are problematic positions and should be eliminated.

no more lda's

Don’t Let Your Dreams Get Railroaded

Don’t settle for an easy pay day with paralegal or nurse if you should really be a doctor or a lawyer. The world needs authentic healers and problem solvers. Legal document assistant is not an authentic application of California law. Even divorce in California is so arcane you need a lawyer to shepherd your legal forms through the courthouse.

court forms

Underground Railroad

What will your legacy be? How will you make your mark upon the world? The world is looking for healers and problem solvers. Don’t sell yourself short. Use your paralegal position as a springboard to the next level, just like I did. When I was a paralegal I was always learning the next thing.