Welcome to Rat Brain University

The first time I ever heard the clinical diagnosis of “rat brain alcoholic” applied in a therapeutic setting was from Jeremy Jover. For the past five years I have wanted to call Jeremy out on his illegal behavior. Jeremy Jover keeps a bottle of vodka in his freezer for newcomer girls who stumble into Dunsmore Alcoholic Anonymous. He also needs to be prevented from making prank calls for legal services. For years I hung out at Dunsmore in the erroneous belief that going to meetings kept me sober.

The 12 Steps were not a big thing at Dunsmore like the 12 Steps are crucial to old school Primetime. There was an elitist attitude against my Tujunga zip code. Tujunga means “trailer” in the ancient Chumash Indian language. Therefore my recovery from the emotional disease of alcoholism didn’t begin until I moved into sober living at a Malibu zip code on January 21, 2004 where I finally found Primetime AA. So the public has a right to this important healing information.

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Rat Brain Alcoholic of the Year Award

The intent is to honor the brazen character of Jeremy J. at Dunsmore for first uttering the clinical diagnosis of rat brain alcoholic in my presence. Thirty years ago Jeremy diagnosed me as lacking adequate social skills. It was hard for me to hear it from a person like Jeremy and so I denied my social ineptitude at that time. Now I see that the asshole Jeremy was right. I am undergoing self-motivated remedial social skill development thanks to Jeremy J. of Tujunga, California

The Cure is to Self-Identify My Own Diseased Thinking

The second time I heard the term rat brain alcoholic was from Astrid Howe and she was talking shit about her friends as usual. However when Astrid brought up the topic of rat brainism I was now in real recovery from alcoholism. Now I was motivated to uncover my own loopy rat brain thinking. K.C. P. and the Primetime AA dogma would enlighten me more as to the nature of the warped mind of the recovering alcoholic. The reason to go to a meeting of Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous is to self-identify your own psycho drift. If I can do it anybody can do it!

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The purpose of writing these blogs is so that I don’t have to go talk in an AA meeting about self-identifying my own problematic thinking. There is never an solution in talking about the problem. My personality is not well suited for public speaking and so I prefer public writing. It may seem “out of bounds” to discuss so much personal information about recovery from alcoholism here on the Internet. However it is time to offer the alcoholic sufferer a quality recovery experience. Do you want relevant communication or do you want thrift store sobriety?

Everyone wants to be seen and heard on social media. My personality is not well suited for social intercourse on a controlled platform such as Facebook. I would rather be out here on the Internet where depressed and suicidal people can receive my advice. Don’t kill yourself because you may be reincarnated as a dirt bag for punishment.

Silence is Like Medicine Once You Really Have God

Silence and meditation is the cure for many rat brain related maladies. Prayer and meditation is even more important than the actual AA meeting. The purpose of going to AA is to find God. Once I really have God as my power and the 12 Steps as my method I can really see what is wrong with my thinking. Once I really have God my rat brain thinking is uncovered, discovered and discarded.