Alcoholic Rat Brain Thinking

Rat Brain Alcoholic Thinking

Simply removing the alcohol from the alcoholic may save a person’s life and prevent further brain damage. However stopping drinking also ceases the anesthetic relief afforded the sufferer. Now you have a human being in pain without their self-medicating balm. Just abstaining from alcohol often creates the proverbial dry drunk with his rat brain thinking.

rat brain alcoholic

Inside the Mind of the Rat Brain

Listening to a drug addict’s rat brain thinking is to be subjected a diseased mind. Sick alcoholics live inside their own little fantasy reality. The diseased thinking of the drug addict resembles a rat man running a maze.

rat brain thinking

Mentally ill people believe every stray thought that pops into their hyperactive little minds and they want to tell you all about it. Rat brain thinkers have poor social hygiene and their thoughts usually smell like dirt. Protect your mind from dirt bag sobriety.

Meditation is the Cure For Rat Brainism

Don’t settle for entry-level dirt bag sobriety when you can work hard at recovering from the diseased thinking of alcoholism and drug addiction. The purpose of attending a meeting of Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous is to recover from the disability of self-centered thinking. The reason to go to AA is to become one with God. Diseased thinking in the alcoholic is a spiritual malady. Meditating into God silence is the only known cure for rat brain related mental illness associated with alcohol and drug addiction.

How Do We Develop Rat Brain Thinking?

Growing up my dad never went inside the Catholic Church to attend Mass with his family. My dad was never fully present. Dropping us off at church was a damaging thing that created a hole in my life and I am just now figuring it out. My dad hated his family so much he never went to church with them! He just dropped us off in his emblematic gold colored family station wagon and then came back and picked us up when Mass was over.


My mother was born in East L.A. bus she never learned to drive a car her entire life. Dad drove us every where and then laid sophomoric guilt trips on us. My mom and dad were not fully present for their children. The reoccurring voice in the back of my head is chanting: “Your mother never learned to drive and so I have to drive you kids everywhere!”

Denial of Life

My dad denied God and my dad denied life. He never converted to my mother’s Catholicism nor did he ever find his own God or any deep meaning in life. My dad just sat back and complained about everyone else. My mom and dad decided to get married when they were leaving Las Vegas one weekend. They knew each other from high school and happened to meet up by chance when my dad was pawning his watch. Dad was a degenerate gambler.

Uncover, Discover, Discard

Analyzing my own character defects I now see how completely anti-social both of my parents were. Their lives began and ended with the friends they met at Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California. VHHS is same backwards small town high school that I also attended. One Christmas Day at my Aunt’s house my dad was boring the hell out of the entire extended family quacking about how great the air conditioner on his new Toyota Corolla was. That is an example of anti-social rat brain thinking.