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Taking a Break From The Rat Race

Escape From Rat Infested Woodside Village

Satellite Management Company was the perfect stooge to assist me in attaining my goal of moving into a luxury retirement residence. Thanks to Satellite my domicile will soon be relocating from a rat infested $1,300/per month studio apartment at Woodside Village to a $5,000/per month 33 acre luxury independent living facility. Independent living means no more cooking, cleaning or doing laundry. It also means a gated security entrance with an armed private security guard.

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Independent Blogger

Independent living also means much more free time available for blogging. Right now it seems like all I do is cook and wash dishes all day long. Satellite Management and Woodside Village have been an excellent source of material for blogging my way out of this problem.

Accidental Reviewer

I never wanted to write about Woodside because I never wanted anyone to know my address. It all started when I complained about the Jacuzzi that is constantly broken. After complaining about the skunks and broken Jacuzzi Woodside sent me a Three Day Notice to Perform Condition or Quit. Allegedly my $56.49 Community Utility Bill was late. Then I wrote a negative Facebook review about the skunks and broken Jacuzzi but no blogs. Only when Satellite Management had their attorneys send me a letter I did I start blogging on this website.

Then while over zealously blogging about Woodside I even accidentally created a page instead of a blog. Accidentally adding this Woodside West Covina Problem page to the menu of this website will accidentally increase search engine optimization for search terms related to Woodside. In other words now more people will accidentally find this website.

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Vermin Infested Trash

The only good thing about vermin is that they also provide an excellent topic for discussion and analysis. The skunks, rats and other vermin are thriving because of the open trash containers at Woodside Village Apartment Homes in West Covina, California. Ubiquitous skunk odor permeates the premises on a perpetual basis. The number of dogs and cats at Woodside is astounding. The dogs and cats drag the skunk odor into the apartments. The perpetual odor of skunks is hanging in the back of my nostrils at Woodside Village.

Rat Infested Grounds

The single apartment above me contains a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, his girlfriend, and two tiny dogs. When those little dogs run their bellies through that toxic grass it must make that studio apartment smell like a fresh skunk attack! That’s probably part of the reason that my apartment smells so bad also. And that’s why Samuel Padilla is a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, so he can use the shampoo attachment on his carpets every week.

Rat Infested Dogs

Dogs need yards. People who live in apartments need to know that dogs do not like to be cooped up in an apartment all day while the owners are at work. When Sam and his girlfriend leave to go to work in the morning Leo howls like a miniature wolf. It tears my heart out. Call me weird but when I had my dogs I also always also had a house with a big yard.