PRESIDENT TRUMP WANTS TO KNOW: What do you “get” from volunteering?

This morning I did some secret volunteering. When I ask myself why I have led such a charmed existence I think maybe it has something to do with my performing secret charity and anonymous volunteer work. Some of my anonymous volunteer work has to do with my love for gardening. Doing charity work for children is also high on my list of secret activities. Because of my love of volunteering for law and order work, I was practically “made a Mason at sight.” (See MADE A MASON AT SIGHT below)

get wisdom by volunteering

Men do not just accidentally become members of life transforming organizations. There are several different types of secret Lodges however the main ones are Rosicrucians and Freemasons. The main difference is that Freemasonry is for men only and also Masonry has appendant bodies such as Scottish Rite and the Mystical Shrine of the Orient. Both of these secret Lodges have a vetting procedure to investigate if you have good karma before you can be initiated. Have you ever seen someone who ascends rapidly and then transcends within a Red Lodge all the way to 28 and beyond? Maybe that person has good karma from volunteering.

doors of perception cleansed in red hat lodge room

All Red Hat Lodge Brethren are Freemasons but not all Freemasons are Red Hats

In order to be initiated into the Red Hat Lodge or any other appendant body of Freemasonry you must first be raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons. The secret to becoming a Master Mason is by performing volunteering and charity work.

masonry is volunteering

Radical Volunteering is the Real Secret to Life

Have you ever seen a television advertisement for Shriners Hospitals for Children? In order to become a member of the Mystical Order of the Grand Shrine of the Orient, Western Jurisdiction, you must first have been raised to Master Mason in a Blue Lodge of Freemasons. The Freemasons are the door to becoming a Shriner.


If you are performing exemplary volunteer work with at-risk teenagers then you can practically be “made a Mason at sight”. This happens when a Freemason sees you and proclaims: “I do hereby make thee a Mason”. That is almost what happened to me. I was practically made a Mason at sight because I was doing juvenile justice mediation work trying to turn young miscreants around while they were still at their shoplifting stage. It didn’t work. People don’t want to mediate they want to litigate and children are no exception. Most crime oriented kids need the long arm of the law to smack them in the face with a badge and a gun.

corruption starts with yes-men


My juvenile justice mediations between Target and Wal-Mart Stores vs. teenage shoplifters were not very successful because eventually I just stopped believing in the kids. Most of my beginning criminals were just playing the system while riding their tricycles on the way to eventually being charged with adult crimes. Many of the boys saw themselves as predestined to end up in prison because they already had uncles in prison. Ultimately the kids were just wasting everybody’s time, especially their own time. Youth is generally wasted upon the young. Pete Townsend of the rock band The Who called it Teenage Wasteland: “Out here in the fields, I plow for my meals, I don’t need to be forgiven.” The point is that I tried, and this juvenile justice mediation made me a Mason in my heart. I was made a Mason by my kid karma. All I had to do now was the hard work of learning Masonic ritual.

secret ambassador club
It’s My Dharma to Be a Member of Secret Societies

Most men have to be interviewed in their home before being initiated into Freemasonry but I did not. Thank God for that because I was living in an RV with my big black German Shepherd Dharma at the time. As a matter of fact because we were living in that RV I had to keep Dharma in my minivan shuttle craft each and every time we went to the Blue Lodge. So remember to vote for 28 because whatever you do eventually gets evened out karmically.

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