Heterosexuality is Reality, Homosexuality is Learned Behavior

In 1993 I completed a first draft novel titled The Reality Engine. No copies are in existence any longer, thank God. It was really just a two hundred page outline written like a film treatment. The Reality Engine was a didactic metaphor about a computer program that could change a person’s sexual orientation. Now that is exactly what is happening with me. I am transitioning from an active Palm Springs homosexual to an intentional celibate pansexual in California. I would rather just hang out with women in public and then go practice tantric masturbation alone than develop a social and emotional life in the Palm Springs gay community

My New Reality Community

Currently my online emotional health resources interest me more than real life homosexuals. I always think the reality of being gay is going to be better than it actually is. Gay has been an excellent emotional health resource and it will always be here but I need to grow and expand. I used to be bisexual before I turned totally gay five years ago. I even called my Dad on the phone all happy because I was gay. Ha ha ha what a bunch of bullshit. Then this African front desk girl at the Spectrum in Culver City outed me to the whole club. Working out at health clubs is a circus when you are a freak like me.

Reality requires the proper completion of male female masculine feminine man woman dynamic. Just now looking a pictures of nude women practicing yoga in the desert reminds of what reality is. Homosexuality is not real, it is an aberration, an alternative, a substitute for the real thing.

Heterosexuals raising young children should be rightfully concerned about the viral spread of homosexuality. As a man who is into having sex with sex with other men I need to tell you that guys learn gay from other guys. Homosexuality is not reality because it is totally learned behavior. Heterosexual it reality because it comes naturally. I do gay and gay does not come natural, you really wake the fuck up and know that your life is different when you start having gay sex.