Are You Ready to Accept God’s Perfect Reconciliation or Do You Just Want Someone to Feel Sorry for You?


God is combing my DNA like I used to comb my hair when I had it. I am remembering my eternal essence by allowing myself to be drenched in God’s perfect reconciliation.  I have turned away from the darkness of ten years of homosexuality this Labor Day 2015.  Although I may never enjoy the heterosexual fuck fest of the 1970’s when I came of age, I will now enjoy the emotional social communion of heterosexual energy in Culver City right here right now.  I am consciousness and feminine energy is mine.

There is Only Spiritual Power

Yesterday in the B of A I could feel my mental energy zapping out and hitting some poor innocent bystander near me.  She was a petite Latina, they type body size I could go for but she was way to Mexican for me. I married a young Mexican girl once. She relocated from Mexico City to be my wife in LA. It didn’t work out because I was still drinking and she got smart and left me so I could eventually get well.

After zapping the woman I vowed to only zap with love energy. I am going to zap Ann Bradney with love energy. Ann, maybe someday you will make some lucky guy really really happy. Don’t wait too long Ann. Do. Not. Wait. Too. Long.

Reconciliation of My Pansexuality 

I really love women and am connecting with them in a way that I never did before. I would love to love Ann Bradney. However Ann is just about the same body mass as I am. I need a petite. To me skinny is sexy. I am writing this blog so that some sexy sixty year old real read this and maybe call me up and say hello to my heterosexual reconciliation.