Purification of The Soul

Reconnected to My Soul

By purifying my lifestyle, meditating throughout the day and surrendering to God I am merging with infinite Spirit and I have been reconnected to my soul. My physical body is getting weaker as my emotional state gets stronger because now I am just hanging around waiting to be reunited with Divinity. Maybe if I am lucky I will become God again while I am still walking to and fro on Earth, however my Divinity will probably not happen again until I pass from the material plane of existence. This is why I have been purifying my soul these past few years. Two years ago Spirit communicated to me to that I should leave my wicked ways behind. I made a deal with God that I would purify myself and in return God would give me wisdom. By obeying Spiritual intuition and cleansing my conduct I have reconnected my soul.

Seeking and Joining

After a lifetime of seeking and joining I am content to be a semi-recluse in a luxury continuing care retirement community located in the paradise of Southern California. This is the perfect time to be a senior citizen. With the Internet at my disposal I no longer even need to go to the public library. I read three newspapers every day: The Los Angeles Times, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. I have over one hundred channels of programming on Dish TV. Most importantly I have a heating pad for my yoga mat.

My sales contract required the liquidation of my only asset, a white mini-van, and so today I will happily walk a mile to Walgreen’s and Von’s instead of paying for gas and auto insurance.

I am perfectly content to live a simple life of meditation and contemplation. There are a dozen churches within easy walking distance of my home but after a lifetime of going to churches I don’t need to go there anymore. My whole life I have wanted to live in a monastery and now I am living in my perfect little pseudo-monastery with nature and my books. Today I live in the destination of the mind just like Emily Dickinson did.