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To Be a Paralegal is to Be a Records Paralegal

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Records Paralegal


To be a paralegal is to be a records paralegal. Paralegals handle records. The paralegal handles the records so that nobody else has to. I take charge of the records and make the records mine. Records are my duty. I am a financial and medical records contract litigation paralegal. Records are what my work day is all about. Using records as evidence. Using bank statements to prove that a debt was paid. Using verified production of those bank statements. Producing the bank statements in verified responses to request for production of documents and responses to interrogatories. I am a records paralegal. 


Paper Records Paralegal to Digital


When I started out as a temporary litigation secretary the only records I handled were paper. Once in a while there were x-rays and the attorneys all had a special spot in their office for the big x-ray envelopes. Mostly there were old school file clerks who manhandled bankers boxes full of heavy dusty legal files. Then in the 1980’s floppy disks made their debut. Then hard discs, compact discs, zip drives, email and the Internet.

My records paralegal career evolved with the early days of computers. In the 1980’s if you knew how to type the Los Angeles legal market would train you for free on legal software. I took extreme advantage of the legal secretary demand and learned advanced Microsoft Windows applications. This is an article about the position of records paralegal and that position parallels the development of legal office software, hardware and other technology. 


Medical Records Paralegal at the Photocopy Machine


One of the greatest educational opportunities in the world is operating a photocopy machine in an exciting law firm. The photocopy machine operator can learn a lot by reading the documents he is copying. Sometimes paralegals spend long hours at the photocopy machine getting a free education. The medical records paralegal is a crash course in law office practice and procedure.

For the same reason litigation legal secretary is an intense earn while you learn program in law office practice and procedure. Litigation secretaries often naturally transform into paralegals. I myself want to transform from paralegal back to litigation legal secretary.
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