RECOGNIZE, RELEASE & REPLACE: The Four Sources of Validation


Recognize, Release & Replace External Validation With Internal Validation


Teach young adults to recover from the emotional trauma of loss of innocence by helping them learn to appreciate their unique individuality and even their more edgy idiosyncrasies.

If vampire movies resonate with your female age 17 to 23 demographics then communicate by employing sexy vampire metaphors to make your point. Teenagers these days like black. Black T-shirts, black toenail polish, black music. So I hired a few black sheep below to illustrate my point. The purpose of this article is to use the black sheep metaphor as a semiotic device for teaching self-esteem. 


A broad definition of recovery from emotionally damaged & disordered thinking means to also recover your innocence. Innocence means lack of guilt. Do you feel guilty for being different because someone hurt you in a sexual way that you don’t understand? Recover your inner-sense of exactly what you are made of. You are not guilty so it is time to recover your inner-sense of what special things you can do. You can take special time to learn about your powerful emotions and how those strong feelings can help you and heal you.

RECOVER INDIVIDUALITY: Why do I feel so awkward when I stand out from the group? Because physical differences make you vulnerable only in certain instances. In the primitive part of your lizard brain it is dangerous to stand out from the herd because predators now have the visual ability to single you out and cull you from the crowd. The wolves all now have just one single target to focus on for the kill: The Black Sheep recover

Thirty thousand years ago it didn’t matter precisely why you stood out from the group. You simply had some small visual variation that made you slightly different. Your color could be darker than the rest of your group. Preferably you had a physical difference and ideally you were injured or weaker than the rest of your tribe.

recover your individualityThere was no good reason to stand out from your tribe in prehistory. Predators pick smaller, weaker, less confident members of any group simply because they are easier to identify and kill. If you were a black sheep or a gazelle with a bad leg you were guilty of just being alive because at any moment a lion or tiger could possibly gang up on you and kill you for standing out from the maddening crowd.

Recognise, Release & Replace



Recover your full potential by recovering your inner-sense and becoming emotionally intelligent. You can train your emotional self-esteem body to be more intelligent and serve you at your highest level. In a previous post Kundalini emotional therapist GuruMeher Khalsa outlined a three part theory of truth and here proposes a four part theory of self-esteem in his book, Senses of the Soul, Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance.

External Validation: Messages from others and the environment about who you are


Historical Validation: Memories that become the false internal basis of your self-image


Internal Validation: You take control by acting on the qualities you choose


Universal Validation: You relate to Infinity within and act from your timeless virtues

Recover Internal & Universal Validation



Welcome to recovery of your inner-sense. Now there is good reason to be a black sheep standing out far from the maddening crowd. It feels good and you can obtain external validation if you know how. Now standing out can bring external validation if you have the right skills, tools and platform. You can have an exciting career if you are different enough to rapidly evolve, engage and interact with a fast changing world.

Your brain has evolved into twenty-first century higher consciousness. Now both predators and the tribe will pay attention and pay money for being different. Now now there are also rewards for being different. Everything is different now, can you tell?  

In all of your recovery efforts, make sure to recover your self-esteem through your own internal validation and universal validation from the infinite source of creation. Don’t rely on external or historical validation because they are outdated information that no longer serves you. Recognize, release and replace external & historical validation with internal & universal validation.

recover validation
I get my true validation from the black lingerie I wear inside my head.  I guess that makes me the black sheep of the family!