The Red Hat Lodge Room of Unaffiliated Diplomats & Ambassadors

The Red Hat Lodge Room of the Unaffiliated Diplomats & Ambassadors is under construction of content creation during the month of October 2020. The lodge came into being at this Halloween time due to the astounding confluence of events during the year of our lord 2020. We have not yet even begun to deal with Covid-19 and here we are in the seventh month of lock down. The pandemic is now endemic. The plague is everywhere and now even the president is in the hospital but he does not seem to know it.

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Red Hat Lodge #28 does not actively seek applicants for initiation. At this time the Brethren are busy managing Bilderberg accounts for the lucrative commissions they provide to maintain our elevated lifestyle. Are you accustomed to the best that life has to offer? We take good peckerwoods and transform them into supreme gentlemen. Many of our esteemed initiates come to us by way of the traditional Blue Lodge.

Ideally, your consciousness should lead you to us. How many minuets per day do you pray and meditate? Most of our work is done in the realm of pure unfettered consciousness. If you are meant to be initiated into the Red Hat Lodge Room you should have a well developed relationship with the universal. Many of the brethren are eternal avatars who have been divining the realms of consciousness of planetary avatar Earth.

Our selection process has become more restrictive due to the pandemic because we don’t want any unemployed dignitaries who are just looking for free room and board. We already have a few destitute ex-Ambassadors who joined our ranks merely for the luxurious senior lifestyle that we provide. Be advised therefore, that our inspectors will exhaustively investigate your credentials.

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Welcome to The Red Hat Lodge Room

The Red Hat Lodge of Unaffiliated Diplomats & Ambassadors is a secret fraternity dedicated to the practice of ancient wisdom.

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No Red Hat is Required

No actual red had is required by initiates or an illustrious grand master intuitive. Since this is Southern California, you don’t even need any hat at all. If you are a true adept you can even be an avatar with a hole in your head. The goal is perfected consciousness and unity with the universe.

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Sol Soloman

Inspector Potentate Sol Solomon is embodied by the avatar you experience on these pages. Sol chooses this avatar because it is considered pleasing by most secret fraternities.

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Can you perceive the patterns promulgating here? The Intuitive Masters of the Red Lodge are in this world but not quite of it. Eccentricity is the hallmark of our breed. We are neither liberal or conservative we are not affiliated with any political party or religion. An intuitive master is not going to explain everything to you. It is up to you to seek out and find the truth.

There really aren’t any secrets anymore. What there is however is too much information for any one individual to glean through it all to separate the gold from the fecal matter.

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By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.