Redesigning Personal Icons for Life Transformation

Meditating on redesigning personal icons with subjective truth prayer. The storm clouds have passed. I have white clouds with a rainbow and pot of gold that hovers over my head. My love storm follows me around wherever I go. My rainbow heart drips love and joy on me and everyone around my body. Rainbow colored love drops splash from my head to my feet.  Just like that Pig Pen character in the Peanuts comic strip I joyfully accept myself because I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin.

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith has ordained me as Reverend Rainbow at Agape. He was inspired by the Pig Pen character in the Peanuts comic strip. Pig Pen is a spiritual archetype carrying the dust of ancient civilizations. I am a new spiritual archetype carrying the sexual karma of history. 

My service to the Agape Parking Ministry and Freedom Path has opened my heart and soul. Those expensive classes I took for life transformation and Agape Licensed Religious Science Practitioner have all paid off.


Pig Pen is a Spiritual Archetype Carrying the Sins of the World

redesigning personal icons


I did some research on the Charles Schultz character and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the dust carried by Pig Pen actually represents the dust of civilization. Pig Pen is a spiritual archetype! Pig Pen is totally comfortable in his own skin and dignified as he bears his karmic duty of carrying the dust of King Solomon and the akashic record. Thank you Rev. Beckwith for ordaining me as Reverend Pig Pen. Beckwith keeps saying there is something wrong with me and that the dust of Pig Pen is a black cloud of negativity. I am just a mirror. Give me your dreams and I become them.

Beckwith is projecting his own darkness and negativity onto me. I am a recovering alcoholic with twelve years of sobriety on this very day. Pig Pen is actually a nice boy who bathes and tries to get clean but he is forced to bear the darkness of humanity. I am a wounded healer who has come to love Beckwith and liberate him into my own soul of dark beauty. I am the cosmic Norman Mailer White Negro. Call me Nigger Pig Pen and please pronounce the hard “r” on the end. 

At first I was shocked at being called Pig Pen and then I was saddened because the reverend didn’t heal the moment.  Okay Mr. Beckwith, so I’m fucked up and you personally called me out on it, now what do I do about it? Standing here with my only my own dick in my hand the admonishment: “physician heal thyself” thunders through the silence. I don’t think you’ve done the work on yourself Senior Beckwith. You spot it you got it!

Beckwith published his public observation live on the Internet and actually engaged the congregation in naming my demon without casting it out. Beckwith is supposed to be a healer not a social commentator. Therefore it is my responsibility to heal the moment with God. I take it on and claim it as mine. I am the eternal Jean Cocteau white nigger with a hard “r” — I am Reverend Pig Pen!



  • FIRST APPEARANCE: July 13, 1954
  • Happily traveling in his own private dust storm, Pigpen is completely comfortable in his own (dust-streaked) skin. Despite his outward appearance, he always carries himself with dignity, knowing full well that he has affixed to him the “dust of countless ages.”

Redesigning Personal Icons


Mr. Beckwith said my projected energy reminded him of Pig Pen and that there is something wrong with me.  This is huge. This is big. Religious Science teaches that there is only one thing and that is the mind of God and we are all a perfect part of it. One of the most well known Religious Science ministers on the planet has actually uttered the word Pig Pen in sacred space during sacred service. He is Reverend Michael Beckwith and I am Reverend Pig Pen.  We are spiritual community engaged in intimate communion and life transformation. I rebirthed it. I changed my story by redesigning personal icons. So be it! 


Save the Rev for Beckwith and Just Call Me Rainbow


I hereby reverentially accept the title of Reverend NIgger Pig Pen. I co-opt and fly my freak flag high. Co-opting like a black man softening the “r” in niggah. I have always been the White Niggah. I am now Reverend Nigger Pig Pen in my Afro-centric Agape love community!

I’m not really big on titles so please just call me Pig Pen. Don’t call me reverend and don’t call me Dean when you see me at Agape or anywhere else. I really want to just call Beckwith Beckwith and I may just do that from now on. Beckwith has actually said the word nigger with a hard “r” in his sanctuary. Therefore it is really tough for me to call him Rev but you can just call me Pig Pen.

In his Sunday homily a Religious Science minister said there is a dark cloud like Pig Pen’s following me around and he can feel it. Reverend Beckwith is right. Reverend Pig Pen proudly carries the dust of ancient civilizations and the akashic record upon his beingness. Human history is dark. I proudly embody the dust of civilization and carry it with dignity.  I hereby empower myself by claiming Pig Pen as the handle given to me by a Religious Science minister. I have been ordained as simply Pig Pen by the Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Thank you Rev. for ordaining me Pig Pen. Now, I hope you don’t mind if I call you Mike. Or Beckwith. Brother Beckwith I am Brother Pig Pen. Hi My Name Is Yogi Pig Pen . . .


Forget Religion, Hang Out With Nude Yogi Pig Pen Redesigning Personal Icons


Forget this Reverend Pig Pen shit. I am redesigning personal icons. Nude yoga is the new big bang. The nude big bang. Practicing outdoor naked yoga makes you feel connected with the universe. Real yoga means audible breathing synchronized to the asanas. Flowing naked through the asanas while meditating upon one breath and one movement at a time creates a hologram of the universe. The breath is and body are symbolic of consciousness. The naked yogi becomes neutralized. Monks shave their heads and look alike to neutralize the personality in favor of the universal man within. Naked yoga neutralizes the yogi into oneness with the universe.