Religion Fucks Religion 

Did you accidentally become a Bhajanist default-Sikh because you took the wrong kundalini yoga class?   If you did just accidentally become a neo-Sikh, you can easily reverse the process and is less expensive than taking the original yoga class.  The way to un-Sikh yourself and become liberated from needless religion could be as easy as simply taking off that tight turban.  Turbans are not even officially required in the bylaws of the Sikh religion.  Turbans were added to religion to make it more fashionable to young people.  Swami Sivananda Saraswati was the greatest kundalini tantric of all time and he didn’t wear a turban.  

swami saraswati tantric yoga 

 No Turban Required 

Sikhs don’t even obey the articles of their own faith.  There is no turban required by official Sikh policy.  Ask any Sikh and they will tell you they only wear a turban because it makes them feel superior to other human beings. 

medieval religion

 EVERYONE PAYS FOR SHOPLIFTING Yogi Bhajan simply stole kundalini yoga from Swami Sivananda Saraswati and put his own name on it.  Yogi Bhajan stole elements of the Sikh religion and he casually purloins Catholicism.  Yogi Bhajan is a thief who stole kundalini yoga just like the person who is pushing a stolen supermarket shopping cart down my street right now is a thief.  It’s gonna jack the price up for everyone!  Yogi Bhajan’s religion fucks anything and everything because it is a fucked-up religion.  I feel like walking into Yoga West and ripping off a bunch of cool clothes and jewelry in the name of spiritual liberation.

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 With Or Without? 

So bend over and ask yourself a question, “Do you take your Bhajanist kundalini yoga religion up your ass with or without lubricant?  Sometimes it seems like Yogi Bhajan pushed it to the limit just to see how much religious bullshit people would take before they get pissed off and start writing blogs about it. Guru Singh can even brainwash a bunch of guilt-ridden Beverly Hills Jews and arrogant Persians into believing that he is not a white male. The Bhajanist kundalini yoga religion fucks the icons of Sikhism & Catholicism and it screws up your mind.  But it looks good.  Kundalini yoga looks really good. 

religion fucks yoga girls

The purpose of this article is to use illustrating illustrations to depict the insidious manner in which the followers of Yogi Bhajan have insinuated themselves into your life.  Yogi Bhajan and kundalini yoga are trying to make you a Sikh without your knowledge.   The Bhajanists want to make you a Sikh by default.  Left unchecked the followers of Yogi Bhajan would attempt to brainwash the world into the synthetic religion of Bhajanism.  Are you going to take Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West and let Guru Singh tell you that he is not a white male or are you going to learn to think for yourself?  The Bhajanist religion fucks whatever it wants to.  Don’t let Yoga West fuck-up your yoga practice!

 Composite Imagery 

Kundalini yogi’s make it seem cool and acceptable to practice this concocted hybrid religion that composites and compromises other peoples religious icons.  If everybody else is doing it it must be really cool, right?  Is it real kundalini yoga or is it Bhajanist spiritual theater?

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 Religion Fucks With My Yoga 

A lot of the time Kundalini yoga is just arm waving calisthenics and talk therapy.  Thank God I have a forty-year-old personal yoga practice to keep me happy, healthy and holy.  When I was young I tried out every religion and every church. It took a lot of energy.  Sometimes on Sunday afternoon I reflect on all of the spiritual adventures I have had in the material world and it makes me tired.  It is good to be tired from waving your arms around but waving your arms around is not real kundalini yoga.  

 Yoga as Religious Psychodrama 

Let’s wave our hands around and call it yoga. You could call just about anything yoga and people would probably line up around the block to pay for it.  All you need is a great website and some convincing copy writing. What if the kundalini’s turn you into a religion that they don’t even know what it is?  Huh?

 KYTT SPECIAL TOMORROW |  Yogi Bhajan & Default Sikhi 

In honor of the first day of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West, tomorrow’s blog will be the lost legend of Yogi Bear & the Default-Sikhi. 

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