Spiritual Suicide

 Religion Kills Yoga Practice 

While sitting on our yoga mats Guru Singh informed his Kundalini class that Kirpan brandishing Kaur women depicted on a recent Yoga West flyer were going to come in and exert their influence upon us.  Religion kills the God in me every time.  Catholic, Sikh, Founders Church of Religious Science on 6th St. in downtown Los Angeles, Malibu Cavalry Chapel, Mosaic at Beverly Hills High School, etc.  All religion kills it for me in a bad way.  Why are we listening to Aquarian talk therapy when we came to practice kundalini yoga?

 Yogi Bhajanism 

As soon as you start a religion you have to start a church and that means you have to give somebody a job.  A religion is just a cult with a bank account.  Religion kills and the Sikh religion will help out with great photographs.  One year ago I didn’t know a thing about the Sikh religion.  After a dangerous brush with the Yogi Bhajanists at Yoga West in Beverly Hills I became somewhat of an expert on the practice of kundalini yoga as default Sikhism.  Along the way I fell in photographic love with the whole tribe called Sikhi.

religion kills sikh women

Answering Guru Singh’s Challenge

Those are big swords!


Killer Kirpan Kaur Girls

penile placebo pleasure

Romancing the Blade

Sikh children, golden temple, amritsar, punjab, india, asia

Golden Temple Time

The Real View

This is what it’s really like to try and get up close to the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.  You often see dreamy artwork of the Golden Temple shimmering all alone and beautiful without the crowds and the crowd control gates.  In actuality you have to pay for every step.  You have to pay to sit on the steps and meditate. 

Sometimes it really seems as if the Sikhs built the Golden Temple as a dare.  The Sikhs are daring the Muslims to knock this chip off of the Sikh shoulder of Punjabi, India.  This blog is a response to Guru Singh’s challenge that kirpan carrying Kaur women are going to come after me at Yoga West.

Painting With Photographically Inspired Words

Lately I have developed a blogging style of laying out all of my photographs before I start writing very much.  First I lay out my key words, title tags and meta tags with only a few words of copy.  Then I add the copy after ideas come to me from looking at the photographs in my draft blog.  The Sikhs are a very photogenic people and are naturals as blog subjects.