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The earliest known civilizations had no separate religion. Early tribes were not cut off or separated from their sense of connection with the universe. Ancient Sumer (3800 B.C.E.) saw the pursuit and understanding of the world around us and the world of the spiritual as the same thing. Science and Spirituality were unified. There was a god of astrology, a god of horticulture and a god of irrigation. The temple priests were the scribes and technologists investigating these fields of knowledge.

Ancient Sumerian temple priests have been replaced by religion. Religion is being replaced by modern day priest/prophets of Alchemy. Alchemy is the search and process of transmutation and immortality. The Christ character was an avatar and I am just a janitor. 

The world is alive! Religion is dead. Everything is forever flowing, flowering, changing or eternally being born.

spirituality or religion“From the time of the ancients the goals of science had been wisdom, understanding the natural order and living in harmony with it. Science was pursued ‘for the glory of God,’ or, as the Chinese put it, to ‘follow the natural order’ and ‘flow in the current of the Tao.’”

Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point

The two pillars of scientific enterprise: empirical observation and the use of mathematics.

Knowledge is not the property of the priesthood or any one individual. Its validity is not based on ancient authorities or ecclesiastical hierarchies. Rather knowledge is gained through open inquiry and observation, and validated by agreed upon principles, which soon became known as the scientific method.

Until this millennium scientists restricted their activities to probing the mysteries of power, because formulating mathematical laws about God was dangerous in the face of the Church. The Church has done everything in its power to prevent the spread of ideas that might threaten its authority. But what the Church dreaded is precisely what is happening.

The separation of mind from body, the concept of Cartesian duality, seems barbaric to us now.

Sir Francis Bacon, the philosopher/scientist hounded nature in her wanderings, tortured her secrets from her, formulated the phrase “Knowledge is Power” and was instrumental in establishing the Scientific Method:

1.) Hypothesis

2.) Research and Experimentation

3.) Draw General Conclusions

4.) Test Conclusions by Further Research (Repeat 1-4).

People do not ask the Great Questions because the answer may not be what they want it to be.


more pop than religionA university professor visited Zen master Nan-in to inquire about Zen. But instead of listening to the master, the scholar kept going on and on about his own ideas. After listening for some time, Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring. The tea flowed over the sides of the cup, filled the saucer, spilled onto the professor’s pants and on to the floor. “Don’t you see that the cup is full?” the professor exploded. “You can’t get any more in!”  “Just so,” replied Nan-in calmly. “And like this cup, you are full of your own ideas and opinions. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

There is another Zen proverb that in order to remake the vase you first must break it. This is exactly what happened to me. At the end of 2003 my life crashed and burned and I was a broken man. I spent the next three years rebuilding my life into the man that God wants me to be. Prayer, meditation and contemplation have healed me. I am able to create physical reality with my mind. I can perceive things outside of space/time. A man can indeed walk on water. First there was the Church, and now I belong to the new priesthood—the Spiritual Scientists. “Back off man, I’m a scientist for God, I’m a zero point field scientist!” I manifest consciousness. I have died to the old religion and re-birthed into meditative mind.



“I am looking for a lot of men who have infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.”

–Henry Ford

no religionA paradigm is a set of implicit assumptions that are not meant to be tested and are in fact essentially unconscious. They are part of our modus operandi as individuals, as scientists/priests, or as a niche/society. AA is a paradigm ready for me to give it a personal paradigm shift.

A paradigm is also a belief system. There are hundreds of subconscious, unexamined beliefs that run my life from the subterranean levels of shadowy awareness—beliefs about my worthiness and competence, whether people can be trusted or not, that were deposited in into my childhood consciousness and continue to dominate how I relate to the world.

My paradigm is the open ended paradigm of no paradigm! I live on the beach in my RV, genderless, free and living infinitely at point zero.

The quantum view of reality is not the end-all to the be-all. The history of science is to produce better and better models to express the nature of what exists, and maybe in fifty years or so, quantum physics will be replaced by a deeper and more profound understanding of reality, whatever that particular physics will be named. We have no way of getting outside of our human minds to truly objectively see what is really out there.

What is the sound of one reality collapsing?

There literally are different worlds in which we live. There’s surface truth, and there’s deep truth. There is the macroscopic world that we see, there’s the world of ourselves, there’s the world of our atoms, the world of our nuclei. These are each totally different worlds.

They have their own language; they have their own mathematics. They’re not just smaller; each is totally different, but they’re also complimentary because I am my atoms, but I am also my cells. I’m also my macroscopic physiology. It is all true, they are just different levels of truth.



“The mind provides the framework, specific knowledge and specific assumptions for the eye to see. The mind constitutes the universe that the eye then sees. In other words, our mind is built into our eyes.”

–Henryk Skolimowski

I Am More Pop Than Religion!
I Am More Pop Than Your Fake Jesus Religion!

As a top performer I train myself by visualizing myself writing on consciousness and performing motivational speaking on stage at crowded at events in detail, using all of my senses in order to simulate the total action I want to develop. Then I give my first talks to Erik Stremke sitting at an outdoor café in Santa Monica. We inspire the young men sitting next to us. Next my father attends my first lectures.

The brain has to screen out a tremendous amount of information that is really extraneous for us. (Infrared light, high frequency sound, electromagnetic fields that birds use for navigation, etc.) The brain filters by inhibiting certain responses and certain pieces of neural information from ultimately getting up to our consciousness, and by doing all of that we ignore the chair that we’re sitting in. That is, screening out the known. Then there is screening out the unknown . . .


If we see something the brain can’t quite identify, we grab onto something similar. (“It’s not a squirrel . . . but it’s something just like that.”) If there is nothing close, or it’s something we know not to be real, we discard it with, “I must have been imagining things, or, it is just a coincidence.”

So we don’t actually perceive reality; we see the image of reality that our brain has built up out of sensory input, plus countless associations drawn from the vast neural networks of our brain. Our perception of reality depends on what our past experiences have been, and how we ultimately process the information. Therefore reality is how our brain creates our rendition of the world.

My brain does not know the difference between what is taking place out there in reality and what is taking place in here inside my mind.

bad religionOur emotions decide what is worth paying attention to. The decision about what becomes a thought rising to consciousness and what remains an undigested thought pattern buried at a deeper level in the body is mediated by the neurochemical receptors.

Emotions are designed to reinforce chemically something into long-term memory, that is why we have emotions. Our emotions are linked in at a low level of visual processing, somewhere close to the first step. This makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. If you are walking down the path and a tiger jumps in front of you, you will process that picture and start running before you realize why. Emotions are a hardwired shortcut to perception. Emotions also provide us with the unique capacity to not see what we simply don’t want to see. Negative emotional conditioning prevents us from seeing our true potential for cosmic awareness ecstasy. Blight or bliss, just change the emotional chemistry.

When people say: “The chemistry between us is right for a relationship”, it is because their emotional neuropeptides are producing pleasure in their minds.

Since we build reality out of our already-existing store of memories, emotions and associations, the only way we ever perceive anything new is through new knowledge. New knowledge can create a new perception of an old situation.

Complete knowledge involves both 1.) Understanding new information, and, 2.) experience. I can read, study and write about motivational speaking, but until I actually do it in front of at least one person, my knowledge is incomplete, without the actual experience.

Bust a move on myself by asking new questions, experiencing new emotions and packing more data into my neuronal nets.


dead religion


When I open my eyes and look around, it is not “the world” that I see, but the world my individual human sensory equipment is able to see, what my belief system allows me to see, and what my emotions care about seeing or not seeing.

It’s like in Rashomon, each witness to the crime believes he/she has the correct story—but what they really have is their own perception of what happened. The last thing a driver expects to see on a freeway is a small aircraft, so they never see it. The last thing the old religion of rock and roll expects is the new meditative mind. 

“The only movie playing in the brain is what we have the ability to see.”


Karl Pribram revolutionized the way people think of the brain by saying it was essentially holographic. He said that its processing was spread out all over the brain, and that like a holograph each part contained the whole. That was strange enough, but then he applied this model to how we perceive. He said the universe is essentially holographic, and the sole reason why we sense we are “in” reality, instead of just “perceiving” reality, is because our brain holographically links with the “out there” (in which time and space go away, because of the alteration of frequency and phase relationships), and thus our perception is not just processed in the brain, but my moving outside of the brain to interact with “out there.”

Explorers in consciousness report that it is possible to experience the world completely, directly, all the universe and a grain of sand, all at once.

One of Don Juan’s lessons is to “Stalk Oneself,” to learn one’s own habits like you were studying prey, so that you can trap yourself doing your habitual and do something totally new. Are you in religion or are you in spirit? 

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