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Religion Kills First and Saves Later

First Create Fear Then Present Yourself as the Solution to Dark Times

Is it a violation of the separation of church and state for Guru Singh to be charging money for political lectures?  Is the Sikh Dharma religion tax exempt?  There needs to be some investigation and discovery into the machinations of Guru Singh.  Religions create fear by telling you that we are in dark times and the solution is that you can pay to hear them tell you about opportunities.  Guru Singh wants to tell you that there is something wrong.  Something wrong with the politicians, something wrong with the way the planets are lined up, something wrong with you. Something wrong with the yoga studio you are sitting in.

pregnancy yoga

weaponization of faith
Sikh religious martial arts celebrating the 351st birth anniversary of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh. EPA/RAMINDER PAL SINGH

pregnancy yoga oxymoron

Sikh’s Seek Somebody to Stick it To

Guru Singh will tell you that  you are in the wrong yoga studio when you are not.  Guru Singh wants to tell you that you are in the pregnancy yoga studio, when in fact the pregnancy yoga studio is next door and you are in the correct studio.  Guru Singh wants to tell you that you are the dark problem and he is the white robed solution.  Guru Singh needs to create fear so he can be the savior.  And all saviors must have beards and turbans.

create fear
Do that funky fear thing boy

Sikh Sick

Guru Singh wants to run his ego all over you and me.  The problem is he advertises himself as a kundalini yoga teacher.  I never got much kundalini  yoga teaching out of Guru Singh or any of the Guru’s at Yoga West.  Maybe Guru Singh was right and I was in the wrong yoga studio.  Yoga West was the wrong yoga studio.  By the time I realized it, I was sick of Sikhs and Kundalini Yoga as synthesized by Yogi Bhajan. 

create fear

Yoga Wants to Be Free

Dev Avtar often tells a story about how serious Yogi Bhajan was about getting the money.  She says he would throw coins out into the parking lot so the grubby homeless hippies could pick them up and pay for kundalini yoga classes.  Why would unemployed hippies spend the money on yoga classes?  It seems like filthy hippies would spend the money on dope or booze.  I sure the hell wouldn’t pay for yoga if I was a homeless hippie.  I would get my yoga from a Richard Hittleman book in the public library and spend Yogi Bhajan’s coins on yogurt or maybe a cheap motel room. 

Right Yoga Studio, Wrong Yoga Guru 

Even though I only lasted five months at Yoga West, it was still the right yoga studio for me.  I never realized how gut wrenchingly ill at ease I was in yoga studios until Adarsh and Dya Kaur showed me how they can create fear.  Now I see that women just do not want men in yoga studios.  I am kind of embarrassed that I hung around for so long when everyone was obviously telling me to fuck off.  I just really wanted to learn about spinal twists on my yoga mat, not a bunch of talk therapy and politics.  I refuse to let Guru Singh insist that there is something wrong with me.  The only thing wrong with me was paying Yoga West for yoga lessons.  I should have just stayed online like I am now.

belly twist
Perfect and Most Difficult Version of the Belly Twist


Belly Twist

I have finally discovered that it was the belly twist that I came to Los Angeles for in October of 2017.  When I enrolled in Level 1 Teacher Training at Yoga West I was doing the belly twist and telling myself it was a spinal twist.  For the past week I have been focusing and concentrating on practicing my belly twist. I really gave myself a good yoga lesson with this blog. 

yoga belly twist
Medium Degree of Difficulty
half belly twist with sanskrit
This is the half belly twist and easiest of these three belly twists


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.