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 Religious HeadGear Creates Religious HeadSpace 

Sikhs, Bhajanists and white tantra kundalini yoga teachers are a very photogenic group of peoples.  They are also a very complicated culture with many diverse and sundry religious traditions.  Therefore Sikhs often use color coded headgear to help differentiate among the diverse religious sects.  The meaning and interpretation of Sikh body art from the neck down will be discussed in a forthcoming essay. This article shall focus on headgear only. 

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 Are Antlers and Horns Religious Headgear? 

Many people become members of the Bhajanist belief system because of the beautiful white headgear traditionally worn by members of this Sikh-influenced religion.  For the purposes of this non-scholarly article the universal term headgear shall be used in reference to all religious garments used to adorn the cranial outcropping, i.e., turbans, keffiyeh, hijab, burka, yarmulke, fez, antlers and horns, etc.  If you are planning on taking a yoga class you should always check in advance to see what type of religious headgear may be required. In order to become a respectful default Sikh you must always wear the right religious garments when entering Yoga West, birthplace of Beverly Hills Bhajanism.  Don’t make the same mistake this correspondent did by failing to observe local customs.  This is not your mother’s yoga.  Sikhs are serious people and you don’t want to piss them by offending their headwear customs off like I did.  I don’t walk into Yoga West because I might not walk back out again.   

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 Religious Posing 

Some people are attracted to Sikh-influenced religions because of the exciting visual imagery.  In highly respected acting schools and low-budget film production seminars one of the fist lessons is:  Give a man a prop and you make him an actor.  Sikhs are inherent actors because they all have kirpans and turbans 24/7.  Sikhs are a very photogenic people.   

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Afternoon Update |  The home page for this website has been redesigned and simplified.  The old home page was too freaky.  This website has become a radicalized independent blog.  With the murder of Jamal Khashoggi this website has become radicalized in the face of tyranny and oppression. 



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