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Franklin Jones and Yogi Bhajan are both masters of religious art design, separate and apart from their spiritual teachings and promotional prowess. Both of these spiritual innovators owe at least part of their success to their camera friendly good looks and charisma. Both of these success stories understood the importance of creating and managing the visual image. In his last days, Adi Da created digital art. Yogi Bhajan even discusses visual images in his textbook, The Aquarian Teacher.

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajanTHE AQUARIAN TEACHER 
Tips on Flyers and Posters, page 292

  • Use uniquely colored paper-avoid the standard pastels

    Avoid the standard paper size

    Keep information interesting and brief-avoid worn-out phrases

    Use a striking illustration 


    knee of listening

religious media injest
Media Injest | Adi Da curating striking illustrations

Media Injest

Researching, acquiring, curating and storing digital images for blogs and web pages is called media injest.  It is a full time job just to manage the graphics for digital publication. Adi Da Samraj was a master at creating his sexy seventies image and using it to launch his organization. 

White Religious Garments

Was Franklin Jones inspired by Yogi Bhajan to wear special religious garments topped off by a white hat?  Maybe they saw each other on Melrose Avenue in the seventies and influenced each other with the whole bookstore thing.  Franklin Jones and Yogi Bhajan are consummate spiritual synthesizers. Surely they must have been aware of each other, they spoke to the same flower child demographic.

special white religious garments
Adi Da’s Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan influenced White Phase
Adi Da “Saints” Jesus during White Phase

Both Yogi Bhajan and Bubba Free John talked about Christ consciousness in their early Melrose Avenue bookstore days. Jesus Freaks, out in the streets, handing tickets out for God. -Tiny Dancer, Elton John

white Kundalini religious garments turban

white religious clothing

Adi Da later began exhibiting his digital art and photography.[117]
Followers reported that he died of cardiac arrest on November 27, 2008 at his home in Fiji, while working on his art.[1][120][121]

What color hat should I design today?

White Hat Black Hat

When you watch the videos of Adi Da, self-initiated god-Man, the women scream as if he were a rock god instead of a do-it-yourself Melrose Avenue bookstore god.  Sometimes he wears a white hat and sometimes he wears a black hat. Da is a master at creating himself in his own image. No matter what Da looks like, his voice remains strong and resonant.

In his “final” book, Garbage and the Goddess”, Da says you don’t need a guru and that he himself is retiring. That was decades ago.  So what happened?  What happened is his followers continued to feed his ego and his bank account. A wealthy disciple bought him Raymond Burr’s old island in Fiji when it went up for sale. Da’s followers turned him into a kundalini white tantra style Melrose Avenue bookstore god-man.

devotees dressed white clothes
The emperor has a new hat!

franklin jones being worshippedequinox

media injest